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Before your trip!


1. Where is the best part of Tokyo to stay?


Shibuya & Shinjuku are the best places to stay in Tokyo. Why? Because they’re accessible from almost any attraction in Tokyo, therefore it’s a strategic place to stay.


If hostels, Airbnb or hotels are a bit expensive for you in Shibuya or Shinjuku, I would also recommend you stay in Asakusa or Akihabara. The reason is that they are close to Akihabara, a.k.a “Anime City”, the best anime attraction in the world.


Also, the Sensoji Temple, Tokyo Skytree and the real-life locations of the anime Saranzamai are near Asakusa as well.


In short, try to find a place in Shibuya or Shinjuku, but if not, stay in Akihabara or Asakusa.


Weathering with you real life locations in Shibuya
Shibuya Crossing featured in Weathering With You


2. What is the best season to travel for anime fans?


Option 1: The end of March


AnimeJapan, the biggest anime convention in Japan, is held every year in the last week of March.


Also, cherry blossom season is between the end of March and the first two weeks of April. It is a great chance to see those gorgeous trees in person!  


AnimeJapan and cherry blossom season make the last week of March the best season to travel to Japan.



Option 2:  Between the last week of July and the first week of August


Popular events like World Cosplay Summit Tokyo, Comiket Summer, Wonder Festival and others are all held around this time. Also, the weather is usually pretty hot, so if you prefer hot temperatures, this time frame is for you.


World Cosplay Summit Tokyo


Option 3: near the end of the year (fall-winter season)


Comiket Winter and JUMP Fest, two of the biggest anime events, are held in the last weeks of December. Also, you can go to a lot of Winter Illuminations.


Option 4:  Based on the release date of a TV anime, anime film or OVA.


Before and during the screening of a new TV anime, anime movie, or OVA, there are always exhibitions, cafés, and stores related to that anime.


For example, before the latest Dragon Ball movie came out, Dragon Ball Super: Broly, there were limited-time exhibitions, cafes, and stores of Dragon Ball in Tokyo.



My Hero Academia Heroes: Rising, the new movie from the My Hero Academia anime the released in late 2021. If you love Boku No Hero Academia I’d recommend coming to Japan around December.


If none of your favorite anime will have new material coming soon, I encourage you come to Japan whenever you want to. You might even find some exhibitions of older series.


3. Is Japan an anime and/or manga paradise?


Yes to both! There are hundreds of anime & manga spots in Japan. One of Mipon’s objectives is to gather all information on anime & manga spots here in a single place.


Wherever you happen to be in Tokyo, you’ll quickly see that anime is part of the everyday scenery there.



Even vending machines are decorated with anime.


Durarara!! vending machine in Tokyo


4. How many days do I need to visit the most important anime spots in Tokyo?


I’ll say that you need at least 3 or 4 days to visit the most important anime spots in Tokyo.


5. Are there any anime-related attractions that I need to book in advance?


Yes, the Ghibli Museum & Pokémon Café are two anime attractions which I would recommend to reserve in advance, as tickets can sell out fast.


Pokémon Cafe in Tokyo


6. Which city in Japan has the most anime spots?


Tokyo (of course).


Anime Spots


7. Any must-go spots in Tokyo for a fan of anime?


Yes, here’s a list of the best must-see anime attractions you don’t want to miss:



Apart from Akihabara, there a lot of good places to visit. Check out the article above and expand those horizons.



8. I don’t speak Japanese; can I still enjoy anime attractions?


Most of the anime attractions are English-friendly, so don’t worry! 😀


9. Any Dragon Ball attractions in Japan?


For now, there is only one Dragon Ball attraction in Japan (pretty disappointing isn’t it?). It’s a VR Game in Osaka where you can shoot a Kamehameha; it is fantastic!! You need to try it!



You can find more info here:




Also, you can find Dragon Ball merchandise at tons of stores in Japan. For example, in Akihabara, Otome Road, Nakano Broadway, etc.


My favorite place to find Dragon Ball goods is at the JUMP Store; you can find senzu beans and other cool merch.



10. What are the best Sailor Moon attractions?


For Sailor Moon attractions, take a look at this article for more info:



Photo credit: Unbordered life


11. What would be the best place in Tokyo to find Full Metal Alchemist stuff?


I’ve been living in Japan for several years now and believe it when I say that it is SO difficult to find FMA stuff, surprisingly, especially T-Shirts.


But I did manage to find some figures & keychains previously at Nakano Broadway & Akihabara.


I know it’s frustrating that it’s almost impossible to find a place that sells merch of one of the greatest manga/anime. That being said, with the new Fullmetal Alchemist live action movie in 2022, you might be able to find new merch for FMA. I will be on the look out for those. 



12. I’m looking for something related to Naruto, One Piece, Bleach, One Punch Man and other Shonen shows.


Thankfully, you can find stuff of One Piece & Naruto in almost any store in Japan.



But as for Bleach, Katekyo Hitman Reborn and other shonen jump shows, check out the JUMP Store. T-shirts are a bit more difficult to find, but you can take a look at this article below for more info:




13. Where can I find Kingdom Hearts stuff?


At Artnia, you can buy goods of Kingdom Hearts and lots of other Square Enix games.


There are also 6 more Square Enix Stores in Japan. Personally, I’ve only been to the one that is inside Artnia. 


14. Are there locations in Tokyo featured in anime and manga?


Sure there are! There are a lot real-life locations featured in anime and manga, and you can visit them! Visiting locations from your favorite anime or manga is called an“anime pilgrimage”.



You can find more info here:



15. Is it safe to travel around Japan and do anime pilgrimage?


Of course! Even for girls it’s reportedly super safe to travel around Japan. In fact, it’s one of the safest countries around the world!


16. Where can I find people that dress up as anime characters (a.k.a. cosplay)?


You can find cosplayers at almost any anime event in Japan. For example, you can find a lot of cosplayers on Otome Road. Though unlike events overseas, you’ll often have to find a cosplay area.


You can check out Mipon’s other article to see a list of upcoming anime events in Japan.



17. Any attractions of Death Note, Hunter x Hunter or Tokyo Ghoul?


Yes, you can visit the real-life locations of Death Note & Tokyo Ghoul.



As for Hunter X Hunter though, there isn’t any attraction as of right now.



18. What it the best anime-themed café?


I think the best themed café comes down to the thing you like the most. If you don’t like Square Enix you won’t like the Artnia Café as much as someone who does.


In my opinion, the Steins;Gate themed cafe and the Captain Tsubasa restaurant are the best.



Captain Tsubasa restaurant
Captain Tsubasa restaurant


But again, it depends on which anime you like.


19. Are anime restaurants Vegan or Vegetarian-friendly?


I’m a vegetarian and I can tell you that Japan is not vegan or vegetarian-friendly, unfortunately. There are some anime restaurants or cafés that have one or two meals for vegetarians but it’s definitely not for vegans.




20. What is the average price of anime goods in Japan?


You can find some cool keychains starting from 5 USD and figures from 10 USD. Like everything else, it depends on the quality of the product.


21. What’s the best store to find cheap figures, keychains, etc?


For affordable merch, visit any anime street like Akihabara, Nakano Broadway, Otome Road, etc.


In my experience, Nakano Broadway has been the place where I found the highest variety of inexpensive goods.


22. Where can you buy anime T-Shirts in Japan?


Check out the article below for info on anime T-shirts:




23. How much do I have to save if I’m gonna go otaku shopping in Akihabara?


It depends on you and your budget. For me, the first day that I walked around Akihabara I went crazy and I spent around 600 USD. So keep your spending habits in mind and look through all the merch before purchasing.



24. What is the best thing to buy as an otaku in Japan?


It depends on what you like, such as which anime or type of merch (figures, keychains, etc.) you like. Personally, my favorite anime is Code Geass, so the first time that I came to Japan all I wanted was merch of Code Geass. I ended up buying a large figure of Lelouch. I bought some Gundams and Dragon Ball figures too. 



25. What is the best place for older anime merch in Tokyo, Kyoto or Osaka?


Nakano Broadway or any Mandarake store are great for older collectibles like laser discs, old posters, old figures, or anything forgotten by time and only remembered by a few, like you!



General Questions


26. My friends are going to Japan, what anime souvenir should I ask for?


I’d ask for a keychain of my favorite anime or an issue of Shonen Jump. Anything that isn’t too large or cumbersome, but cool and memorable!


Shonen Jump


Also, when you finally visit Japan, you can also find rare figures around Akihabara. If you’re in Tokyo during anime events, there’s plenty of event-limited things to take back with you.


27. Where can I watch good-quality, English-subtitled anime while in Japan?


You might be thinking of something like:


“There is so much on Netflix or in Amazon Prime that I desperately want to watch, but it has no English subs”


What I’d recommend is to buy a VPN. I use Express VPN and I can tell you that it’s the best.


I’ve heard good things about Nord VPN as well.


With a VPN you can change your location and you can watch anime legally with English ( Spanish, French, etc) subtitles. Look around and see which VPN works best for you.


Remember, a VPN will not only help you to watch anime legally but will also guarantee your online privacy. 

(And a piece of advice: don’t use a free VPN, there are a lot of bad implications with using a free one.)


Buying a VPN has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.



Thanks for reading! I hope these tips help in your otaku adventures 😀


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