Looking for anime attractions in Tokyo?


In this post, I’ll be showing you some of the greatest sacred anime spots.


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The “holy lands” featured in this post are perfect if you happen to be in the capital of Japan and/or you want to do a day trip out from Tokyo.


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1. Your Name



One of the most famous anime locations and one of the most popular real-life anime places in Japan of recent years, the stairs from Your Name can be found in Yotsuya, Tokyo.


These stairs lead up to Suga Shrine, which is easy to visit if you happen to be in Tokyo. Walk up these iconic stairs and who knows, you might be reunited with your own Mitsuha/Taki.



A short walk from the red stairs is Yotsuya station, where Taki and Miki meet for their date.


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2. Steins;Gate



Akihabara! One step out of JR Akihabara station, and you’ll see the Radio Kaikan building where the seminar from episode 1 was held, and its top floor where the time machine appears.


No metal oopas, but there are Steins;Gate vending machines selling the thinking man’s drink, Dr. Pepper to commemorate the show, which you can find inside the building.


An easy place to stop by if you’re in Akihabara, it’s really just right there.

On top of this, the Kaikan building holds several anime-related shops, so it’s easy to spend a few hours in this one building alone!



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3. Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai



Around Enoshima Island and Fujisawa City, you’ll get to see a ton of the anime’s scenery in real life.


So much of the coastal suburban locale featured in the series takes place in just this small area, it’ll all be pretty easy to navigate and see some of the show’s key locations like the beach and train station where Sakuta threw down with the upperclassmen bullies.



Photo credit: @maakun_0526 on Twitter


If you are planning an anime day trip from Tokyo you really need to visit the places that were used to create the scenes of Aobuta.


If you haven’t seen Bunny Senpai I don’t know what’re you waiting for, it’s one of the most popular anime in Japan now!


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4. One-Punch Man






Visit Z City- I mean Setagaya, Tokyo and see Saitama’s apartment almost exactly as it is in the anime. You can even see the highway out in front of it, where Saitama “fought” the subterraneans in his dream.


Rumour has it, the strongest hero, King will sometimes come by here. He doesn’t do autographs.



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5. Weathering With You


The latest movie from Makoto Shinkai just came out on July 19th and quickly became one of the most popular anime pilgrimage spots in Japan!



Weathering with you - real life location in Tabata


In the picture below, we see Hodaka and Hina making their escape through the roads of Kabukicho. As the movie takes place throughout Tokyo, you’ll find many locations scattered throughout it, many of them fairly easy to visit.



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6. Bungo Stray Dogs



The “holy hands” of Bungo Stray Dogs are mainly in Yokohama.


One of the few locations located in Tokyo is a storied bar located in Ginza, Tokyo, the real Bar Lupin.


The anime is historically accurate, and the real-life counterparts to the anime’s characters were regulars at this bar.


Photo credit: @krissy297_ph on Twitter


Bungo Stray Dogs takes place in the city of Yokohama, about a half-hour south of Tokyo. Behind Ogai Mori is the Yokohama Marine Tower, and this particular scene takes place in Yamashita Park.


Note: The building of the Armed Detective Agency, where the main characters work, doesn’t exist in the real world 🙁



For the locations in Yokohama, take a look of this post.



7. Love Live



To be an idol, you need a heart of gold and a body of steel. A 5 minute walk from the Anime City (Akihabara)’s main strip, you can visit Kanda Shrine where Nozomi serves as a shrine maiden, and the stairs where μ’s runs up and down to train for their live shows.


It shares locations with number 2 on this list, Steins;Gate, so be sure to pay Akihabara a visit. Definitely one of the best places to visit in Japan for anime fans.


More info here.


8. Tokyo Ghoul


Photo credit: The Tokyo Tourist


As you can guess from the title, Tokyo Ghoul does, in fact, take place in Tokyo, and you can explore the real-life scenes from the show!


For example, you can find the university where Ken Kaneki studied. Other places include Shibuya Crossing, Tokyo Skytree, etc.


More info here.


9. Ano Hana


Photo credit: Martin Schneider on Quora


If you’re travelling around Tokyo, you can’t miss the holy lands of Ano Hana. The series takes place in the outskirts of Tokyo in Chichibu City.


More info here.


10. Sailor Moon


Photo credit: Unbordered life


Sailor Moon, one of the most popular anime of the ’90s, also takes place in Tokyo.


AzaHikawa Shrine is the place where Rei Hino (Sailor Mars) and her grandfather lived and worked at.


More info here and here.


11. Sword Art Online



The shot above in season 1’s second opening takes place outside of Tokorozawa Station.


Though you won’t find any locations from Aincrad, Tokyo is fairly well-featured in SAO 😛 .



This scene from Ordinal Scale takes place in Yebisu Garden Place, a group of nice-looking buildings and plaza, home to the Yebisu Beer Museum.




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