Looking for anime events in Tokyo this weekend (July 26-29)? or do you want a picture with people that dress up like anime characters?


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What is WCS Tokyo?


WCS Tokyo it is part of World Cosplay Championship.


The tournament started in 2005 to determine the best cosplayer in the world of that year. WCS not only evaluates the quality of costumes but also scores and evaluates acting and staging.



The World Cosplay Championship 2019 THE FINAL will be held in Nagoya (4th of August)


What can I expect in the World Cosplay Summit Tokyo?


Hundreds of people dress up as their favorite anime, videogames or movie characters.


Remember that you have to ask for permission before you can take someone’s picture.




Yeahhh, I finally saw cosplay of World Trigger.



Where and when is WCS Tokyo held? What is the schedule?


WCS Tokyo takes place once per year at Tokyo Dome between late July to early August.


Hours: 10: 00-20: 00


Closest Stations to Tokyo Dome:


  • Suidobashi Station
  • Korakuen Station
  • Kasuga Station


Address: 1-chōme-3-61 Kōraku, Bunkyo City, Tōkyō-to 112-0004, Japan



Where can I buy tickets?


You can buy the ticket on-site. The cheapest ticket cost is 2,000 (18 USD).


How much money do I need?


You only need to buy a ticket. There is not anything special to buy inside the event.


What are the queues like at WCS Tokyo?


I went around 1 pm and I didn’t need to queue at all.


English Friendly?


Yes, the pamphlet and the most of the information is also available in English.


Is it worth it?


The event is basically, go and take pictures with the cosplayers. That’s all.


If you’re short of money I would not recommend buying the ticket. There’re a lot of cosplayers outside the event and you can take a picture with them.



There are probably more people dress up like anime characters in AnimeJapan or Comiket . So, if you’re living in Tokyo, I would recommend going to those two events instead of this one.


On the other hand, if you are visiting Tokyo I would recommend going. It’s a great chance to take pictures with people doing cosplay.


Also, the JUMP Shop and Tokyo Dome Park are close to the event.






  • You don’t really need to buy a ticket to get inside the hall. You can be outside the event and still can take a picture with a lot of cosplayers.


  • If you don’t have a ticket, don’t worry, they sell them at the entrance of the event. When I went, I didn’t have a ticket, and I bought it outside the hall.


  • If you are hungry or thirsty,  there are restaurants (Taco Bell, Bubba Gump, etc), convenience store and vending machines close to the hall.


  • Bring a camera and/or your smartphone with a full charge, as you will have many opportunities for photos.


  • Before taking a picture of a cosplayer, ask for permission.


  • You might spend about one and a half in the event


  • The Jump Shop is 1 minute far from the event. Don’t forget to visit it.