IMPORTANT: Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak Comiket 99 (Winter 2020) has been canceled. The next Comiket will be held in May 2021.


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What is the Comiket?


It is an abbreviation for the words Comic and Market. Comiket is an event focused on the doujinshi culture (explained below). It takes place two times per year, in the summer and winter at Tokyo Big Sight for four days.


Doujinshi at the Comiket
Doujinshi art at the Comiket


What is Doujinshi?


In simple words, Doujinshi (Dōjinshi) are written and published by manga fans or independent artists. Doujinshi manga can either be original content or spin-offs of existing manga (fan fiction).


For example, have you ever heard of Dragon Ball AF?


Well, that is a clear example of a Doujinshi.


Is the Comiket only for those interested in Doujinshi?


No. The Comiket is divided into three areas:


  • Cosplaying
  • Doujinshi display and sales
  • Big anime companies exhibits and sales booths


What makes the Comiket unique?


Compared to other Anime Events, like Anime Japan or Wonder Festival , Comiket highlights the Doujinshi culture.


Besides the more prominent area of independent artists selling their Doujinshi art and manga, there are also spaces reserved for Cosplay and Japanese media companies such as Genco, Aniplex, etc.


Aniplex exhibit at the Comiket
Aniplex Exhibit at the Comiket


What can I expect at the Comiket?


Anime Companies Zone


Several exhibits of companies such as Genco, Sega, SNK, Animate, Type-Moon, etc.


You can buy various products related to anime currently or recently airing. This section is like Anime Japan but on a smaller scale.


I recommend you ask for the business area’s pamphlet.

Genco stand at the Comiket
Genco stand at the Comiket


Animate Stand at the Comiket
Animate Stand at the Comiket


Cosplay area


Hundreds of people dress up as their favorite anime characters. Remember that you have to ask for permission before you can take someone’s picture.


Doujinshi area


Hundreds of tables with people selling doujinshi manga.


Saint Seiya doujinshi at the Comiket.



Comiket General Information



Where can I buy the tickets?


It used to be free, but some Mipon’s users told me that you need to buy a wrist bands at the entrance (not sure, thought). But, I can guarantee you that tickets won’t be sold out 😀


Should I buy the catalog?


Comiket organisers recommend buying the event catalog. If you do not speak Japanese, it does not make much sense to buy the catalog since almost everything is written in Japanese.


If you need extra information or help, I recommend you go to the International Section. Staff at the International Section can speak decent English.


In case you still want to buy the catalog, you can find it in anime stores or on the day of the event. It costs approximately 2,000-2,500 yen (18 – 22 USD). If you want it in digital format, you can get it on the official website (only in Japanese).


Where can I get the map?


At any information desk at the event or on this website.


Where can I buy food or drinks?


Inside the Comiket, there is a food court, vending machines, and conveniences stores.


So, hunger and thirst will not be a problem.



When does Comiket is being held?


As mentioned above, it takes place in the summer and December of each year.


  • Comiket 98 (Summer 2020): CANCELED
  • Comiket 99 (Winter 2020): CANCELED


Both Comiket 98 and 99 were canceled due to coronavirus. The next Comiket will be held during Japan’s Golden Week (May 2021).





Tokyo Big Sight, the nearest subway stations are Kokusai-Tenjijo Station and Kokusai-Tenjijo-Seimon Station.


Tokyo Big Sight
Tokyo Big Sight


What time?


10 am to 4 pm (the last day they close at 3 pm).


What day should I go?


Regardless on which day you choose to go, the business area remains the same.

Doujinshi booths and cosplay events may vary. There is no clear way to get accurate information before Comiket starts.


Common questions


How much does doujinshi cost at the Comiket?


It’s around 300-1000 yen (3 to 9 USD). If you miss something important or just don’t have time to go, you can find it in a Mandarake, Toranoana or other manga stores in Japan.


What are the queues like at Comiket?


If you go after 12 pm, you will not need to line up. But, if you are a fan of doujinshi, the best idea will be to go very early.


The downside is that you will need to queue for 3 to 5 hours.


If you don’t believe me, I leave you a photo of what queuing looks like before 12 pm.


Queuing before 12 pm at the Comiket
Queuing before 12 pm at the Comiket


What time should I leave?


Fifteen minutes before they close I recommend that you start heading towards the station. Otherwise, you will have to wait for a very long time before you even reach the doors of the train. I cannot overstate the sheer amount of people showing up for Comiket. But that’s what makes it an amazing experience.


How much money do I need?


It depends on you. You can go to the Comiket without spending a single penny.


What should I bring?


  • Cash


  • Something to entertain yourself while lining up


  • Comfortable shoes because you will walk a lot



Is it worth it?


If you are not a big fan of doujinshi and you will be a few days in Tokyo, I would not recommend you going.


There are a bunch of places/events better than the Comiket visit like:





I’m not into doujinshi myself so most of the time I was in the Cosplay and Big Anime Companies spaces.


Both are quite big, with a lot to see so if you do not like doujinshi you will not get bored.





  • Go after 12 pm. You will not need to queue… much.


  • If you are not into doujinshi, go to the Cosplay area. People who cosplay put a lot of effort and dedication into it. You will have fun and you will take good pictures.


  • When you go to the Big Anime Companies area, ask for the company good’s pamphlet (it’s free).


  • The doujinshi are mostly all in Japanese.


  • If you do not speak Japanese, I recommend not to buy the event catalog.