Have you ever wondered who draws the Dragon Ball Super manga? Or, who is Akira Toriyama’s “padawan”?


Then this post is for YOU!


But, before I introduce Toyotaro, I need to tell you about Dragon Ball AF (Alternative Future).



Dragon Ball AF & Toyotaro


In May of 1999, the magazine HobbyConsolas published a drawing made by David Montiel (aka Tablos). According to HobbyConsolas, the character in the picture was Goku Super Saiyajin phase 5 (SSJ5).


Goku Super Saiyan 5 according to Hobby Consolas
Goku Super Saiyan 5 according to Hobby Consolas



Due to the impact of that drawing, several artists began to draw versions of Dragon Ball AF (doujinshi).


Yet, it was not until 2006 when two fans, Toyble and YoungYiji, created high-quality mangas based on Dragon Ball AF.


Toyble, due to his talent and the resemblance of his drawings to those of Akira Toriyama, was hired by Shueisha in 2012.


In his last manga (at the end of 2013), he explained that he would be discontinuing his work on Dragon Ball AF for the moment.


After Toyble was hired by Shueisha, he began his professional manga career and changed his nickname to Toyotaro.




Toyble last manga
Toyble’s last manga




Goku: Who is he?


Syn Shenron: His name is Toyble, the author of this story.


Goku: ehh


Goku: We need to go and save him.


Syn Shenron: He said something related to a card game.


Syn Shenron (Yi Xing Long) : How bad is that this world depends on his mood.


At this time, I will not be able to continue the story of Dragon Ball AF. However, I have a great affection for this story, so it does not matter how many years pass I intend to continue it. Wait, please.


After Shueisha hired Toyble. He began his professional manga career and changed his nickname to Toyotaro.



Who is Toyotaro?


Toyotaro (formerly “Toyble” in Dragon Ball AF) is the author of the Dragon Ball Heroes manga Victory Mission, the creator of the manga adaptation of Dragon Ball Super and Resurrection of F, and the successor of the master Akira Toriyama. Toyotaro is also in charge of Dragon Ball Super’s new arc: the Galactic Patrol Prisoner.


Toyotaro is the chosen one to continue the legacy of Akira Toriyama.


Toriyama mentioned how he admires and is impressed by the magnificent work that Toyotaro is doing with Dragon Ball Super.


Toyotaro, Dragon Ball Super mangaka
Toyotaro, Dragon Ball Super mangaka



And in case you have not noticed, his name appears below Akira Toriyama’s in the Dragon Ball Super manga.


Dragon Ball Super vol 6 cover, art by Toyotaro
Dragon Ball Super vol 6 cover art by Toyotaro



Vegeta Super Saiyan God drew it by Toyotaro
Vegeta Super Saiyan God drawn by Toyotaro


If you are wondering why Vegeta has red hair, here is an excellent guide on the



According to an ANN interview, Akira Toriyama writes the major plotlines, and Toyotaro creates and draws the story based on those plotlines.


“Fundamentally, I don’t deviate from the major plotlines that Toriyama’s laid down. As far as the plot getting from A to B, that’s written as Toriyama lays down. But as far as the details between those plot points, I’m free to fill them in myself.” – Toyotaro


Due to Toyotaro’s drawings being similar to Toriyama, he works closely with the creator of Dragon Ball, and we can be sure that the knowledge and magic of Akira Toriyama are being transferred to Toyotaro.





Goku sketch by Toyotaro
Goku sketch by Toyotaro



Toriyama is teaching Toyotaro; this guarantees us a lot of great Dragon Ball in the upcoming years.


Do you think Toyotaro is doing a great job with Dragon Ball? What do you think of his drawings?


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