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Before I deep dive into the Super Saiyan God, let’s first talk about the legendary Super Saiyan.


Legendary Super Saiyan


The Frieza Saga was the first time that the legendary Super Saiyan was introduced.


“The last super Saiyan supposedly existed over a 1,000 years ago. That was nothing more than a legend that I never actually never believed to be true “. – Vegeta


Super Saiyan Legend Golden Ape
Vegeta talks about Legendary Super Saiyan


Since that moment, a lot of fans created hundreds of theories around their true identity. For example, some claim that it is Broly, others that Bardock, Goku, and recently Kale or Caulifla.


Note: King Kai was the first to talk about the legend of the Saiyan, but he never mentioned the word Super Saiyan. I will speak later about this so keep reading!


Denying the theories of the legendary SSJ


Broly is not the legendary Super Saiyan for the pure and simple reason that the trilogy of his films are NOT canon.


Akira Toriyama confirmed it on the official website of DB Super movie: Broly.



Comments from Akira Toriyama about Broly
Comments from Akira Toriyama about Broly



Still, even though the trilogy is not canon, the latest movie (Dragon Ball Super: Broly) is considered canon. Toriyama preserved the essence of it, great news, right?


Kale and Caulifla cannot be eligible either because they are from universe 6. Remember, that the legend that Vegeta tells refers to universe 7.


The myth that Vegeta reveals happened before Goku was born. So, the protagonist of Dragon Ball is also out of the running.


That said…


Goku could be considered the legendary Super Saiyan of this era. Because as the legend says, every thousand years a Super Saiyan that can surpass any limit appears. Goku fits with this description.


But, this last paragraph is my personal opinion.


I know you are anxious to know who the legendary Super Saiyan is. Just read a bit more, and I promise you that you will not regret 🙂



The Legend of the Super Saiyan God



Years later, Beerus travels to earth looking for the Super Saiyan God.


If the mystery of who the Legendary Super Saiyan is was not enough. Now, we also have to ask ourselves about the original Super Saiyan God.



Shenron in Dragon Ball Super:


“This is what is said in Namekian Book of Legends: Should five Saiyans of righteous heart to one pour out their hearts hand-in-hand he then shall become the Saiyan God. That is to say, become the Super Saiyan God.” – Shenron


Shenlong about Legendary Super Saiyan
Shenron talks about Super Saiyan God


In Dragon Ball Super, Shenron talked for the first time about the Namekian book of legends. No one else has ever pointed out again that book in the entire DB universe.


Again, there is no more official information about this book. If you google it, you will read assumptions, theories, or fan creations.


You might be wondering, hey Alfred, but King Kai also talks about the Super Saiyan God, does he not?


In episode 20 of Dragon Ball Z, King Kai only referred about a God that was on the planet Vegeta. He never uses the word Super Saiyan.


Kaiosama Planet Vegeta God
King Kai talks about Planet Vegeta



Who is the legendary Super Saiyan and the first Super Saiyan God?


Yamoshi is both the legendary Super Saiyan and the first Super Saiyan God.


Akira Toriyama confirmed this in an interview for the Shonen magazine in the December 2017.


That’s where he revealed the great secret.


Shonen Jump Magazine 2017-12
Shonen Jump Magazine cover 2017-12



Interviewer: The “Legendary Super Saiyan” that Frieza is afraid of, is he the one that appears in the Battle of the Gods?


Akira Toriyama: In a sense, they are the same person. A long time ago, before Planet Vegeta was the planet of the Saiyan, there was a man named Yamoshi, who despite being Saiyan had a good heart. He and his five comrades started a rebellion. Yamoshi was cornered in the war and became a Super Saiyan for the first time. Although his transformation and fearsome fighting style surprised the other Saiyans, he was outnumbered. Yamoshi eventually wore out and was defeated. However, this was only the beginning of his legend. Later, the spirit of Yamoshi wandered in the continuous search of six righteous-hearted Saiyans, seeking a new savior: the Super Saiyan God.


Akira Toriyama talks for the first time about Yamoshi
Akira Toriyama talks for the first time about Yamoshi


Note: I did the translation of the interview directly from Japanese. So, I can guarantee that you did not miss any vital information.


If you have read my other posts, you will know that I confirm all my translations with my Japanese girlfriend and Japanese friends.



Appearances of Yamoshi


Yamoshi in the movie Battle of the Gods


Yamoshi appears in the Battle of the Gods when Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Trunks, Goten and Videl make the ritual of the Super Saiyan God.

The silhouette of Yamoshi appeared. We could say that his spirit manifests during the rite.







Yamoshi in the manga and anime of Dragon Ball Super


On the other hand, in episode 9 of Dragon Ball Super, Beerus only remembers a vague image of a Saiyan. I can not tell you whether Yamoshi’s soul appears when Goku is about to become Super Saiyan God.


Yamoshi silhouette in Dragon Ball Super
Yamoshi silhouette in Dragon Ball Super


Yamoshi and Goku


In the manga and at the end of episode 12 in the anime, Yamoshi talks with Goku.


“The Super Saiyan God’s power…it is telling me that I have only just scratched the surface” – Goku


Goku talks with Yamoshi
Goku talks with Yamoshi.


In the movie, that scene does not appear.



I would like to end this section with a small summary of everything we know about Yamoshi:


  • Toriyama states in an interview that the legendary Super Saiyan and the Super Saiyan God is Yamoshi.


  • Shenron is the one who tells the legend of Yamoshi.


  • His myth is written in the Namekian book of legends.


  • King Kai only mentions a God, not a Super Saiyan God.


  • The silhouette of Yamoshi is seen in the Battle of the Gods. In the anime, it is a vague memory of Beerus.


  • Yamoshi talks to Goku in the manga and anime of Dragon Ball Super. In the movie, this does not happen.


That’s all the OFFICIAL information available about Yamoshi.


There is no more if you search you will find pure speculation and theories.



How to become a Super Saiyan God?


As Shenlong mentions, through the ritual of the Super Saiyan God. The ceremony consists of five righteous-hearted Saiyans holding their hands.


The other method is through arduous training to obtain the Ki of a God.


For example, Whis trains Vegeta and Goku and teaches them how to use the Ki of a God.


Note: the second method is a supposition. But, that is how it is believed that Vegeta obtained the God form. I will talk more about this a bit later. Keep going 😀


Also, do not forget that it is also necessary to have the S cells. In an interview for Shonen Jump, Toriyama said that S cells are the cells that the Saiyan have.



Super Saiya-jin Blue or Super Saiya-jin God Super Saiya-jin?


Super Saiyan Blue is the next phase after having obtained the God Ki. But, what is the correct term?


In the film Resurrection of For Episode 24 of DBS:


“It’s complicated to explain, but it’s a Saiyan with the power of a Super Saiyan God as Super Saiyan.” – Goku (Japanese original)


Thus, Super Saiya-jin Blue and Super Saiya-jin God Super Saiya-jin mean the same.


In the manga, Whis refers to the next phase of the Super Saiyan God as “Blue”.


Whis training with Goku and Vegeta.
Whis training with Goku and Vegeta



Remember that the SSJ Blue is more powerful than the Super Saiyan God. It is like comparing the Super Saiyan phase 1 with the Super Saiyan phase 2.



Is Super Saiyan God Blue weaker than Super Saiyan 4?


It is unknown whether Dragon Ball GT is canon. So, being a bit strict the Super Saiyan phase 4 and the Super Saiyan Blue cannot be compared. Let’s say they exist in different realities.


Random fact: Although Dragon Ball Heroes is not a canon, in episode 1 of Dragon Ball Heroes: Prison Planet there is a quick fight between Super Saiyan Blue and SSJ4.


Super Saiyan 4 vs Super Saiyan Blue
Super Saiyan 4 vs Super Saiyan Blue


Vegeta Super Saiyan God


In the manga, we see Vegeta for the first time with red hair when he fights against Goku Black.




And in the latest Dragon Ball Super trailer: Broly also appears with red hair.





How did Vegeta become a Super Saiyan God?



Vegeta trained with Whis for 6 months, and the angel was the one who taught Vegeta how to control his Ki.


During that training, it is believed that Vegeta reaches the God phase and manages to become Super Saiyan God.


“No matter how much you train, you can never beat Beerus-sama. You have to learn to control your ki first. “- Whis


Vegeta asks Whis to train him
Vegeta asks Whis to train him


Vegeta’s new transformation


In episode # 123 of Dragon Ball Super, we look at Vegeta’s new transformation.


“He has a power superior to Super Saiya-jin Blue.” – Great Priest


Vegeta’s new transformation has no official name in the anime.


But, Dragon Ball Heroes named it as Vegeta Super Saiya-jin God, Super Saiya-jin Shinka (evolution, progress).


Remember that “Super Saiya-jin God, Super Saiya-jin” is also known as “Super Saiya-jin Blue.”


So you can also refer to Vegeta’s new phase as “beyond Super Saiya-jin Blue” or “Super Saiya -jin Blue evolution “



Super Saiya-jin Blue evolution
Vegeta Super Saiya-jin Blue evolution


Random fact: Some Japanese forums know Vegeta’s new transformation as Vegeta Super Saiya-jin Blue 2.



How strong is Super Saiya-jin Blue evolution?


Megumi Ishitani, director of episode 123, explained in her twitter account that Super Saiyan Blue evolution has the same power as Goku Super Saiyan Blue with Kaioken.


Megumi Ishitani about Vegeta beyond blue
Megumi Ishitani about Vegeta beyond blue


 “The evolved version of Vegeta Blue is an anime original. As you said (Karipa-san), it is a way that he (Vegeta) increased his strength in a different way than Goku’s. Strength-wise, please think of it as about the same as Goku’s Blue Kaio-Ken. “- Megumi Ishitani


Vegeta beyond blue and Goku kaioken
Vegeta beyond blue and Goku kaioken



Why didn’t Trunks go Super Saiyan God?


Remember that there are two methods to get the Ki of a Saiyan God, through the ritual or an arduous training.


Trunks, by not doing one any of the two methods, could not become God Super Saiyan.



Trunks Super Saiyan Anger
Trunks Super Saiyan Anger


There is no official information about Trunks’s new phase. So, we can only suppose that Super Saiyan Anger is a “power up” of the Super Saiyan 2.


Dragon Ball Heroes dubbed Trunks’ new power increase as Super Saiyan Anger. In the anime, it was not given a name.



Can Gohan, Goten or Trunks become Super Saiyan God?


Assumption: Following the same logic of how to obtain the God Ki it is possible than any Saiyan with a noble heart can become a Super Saiyan God.



Super Saiyan God vs Migatte No Gokui (Ultra Instinct)


If we compare the power of Migatte No Gokui and the Super Saiyan God, the former is more powerful.


Btw, do not call him Super Saiyan Gray.


The correct naming is Migatte No Gokui or Ultra Instinct in English.




As you read, there are many mysteries left hanging around the Saiyan. I hope that Toyotaro in the new arc: the Galatic Patrol Prisoner will solve many doubts about the origin of the warrior race.


There is a lot to digest in this article. It ended up going way beyond the post I initially intended to write. But, I hope that you enjoyed it.


Now I’d like to hear from you:


Vegito Blue or Gogeta SSJ4, who do you think is stronger?


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Do you think that Dragon Ball GT is canon?


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