Fan of video games and anime?


Keep reading, I’ll show you some of the best Anime VR (Virtual Reality) games that are out there.


Let’s start.


Over a short few years, the popularity of virtual reality games has been rising exponentially. From fishing games, horror hospitals, to Mario Kart (no kidding, there’s already a version of Mario Kart for VR).


But as a big fan of anime, you may already be asking yourself:


  • Are there any anime VR games?
  • Where do I find them?


So far I’ve only found five VR anime attractions that are really worth it. Here’s the list of the best anime VR games.


Dragon Ball VR: Master the Kamehameha


Would you like Goku to teach you how to throw a Kamehameha? It is already possible thanks to virtual reality!


The VR game consists of three mini-games:


  • Throwing power balls
  • Throw a Kamehameha
  • Fight against Goku, Piccolo, Vegeta or Krillin


You can choose between Goku, Piccolo, Vegeta or Krillin to be your guide/teacher during the game.


I recommend to practice how to throw a Kamehameha. Otherwise, you will not succeed and you won’t be able to complete the game.



Dragon Ball is my favorite anime so the simple fun of seeing Goku so close to me was a spectacular experience.


I never imagined having Goku right in front of me! There he is!


Dragon Ball VR-Master of Kamehameha
Dragon Ball VR-Master of Kamehameha




Evangelion VR The Throne of Souls: Berserk


The game is played in a team of four people. Together they fight against the tenth angel. You can choose between Eva-00, Eva-01, Eva-02 or Eva-06 to pilot.


Isn’t it great?



Read the English guide well so you know how to change weapons. Remember that first, you have to destroy the force field to do damage to the angel.



Eva vs Angel 10 at Shinjuku VR Zone
Eva vs tenth angel


Evangelion VR at Shinjuku VR Zone
Evangelion VR



If you love Evangelion and you are in Japan, you have to go play this VR game. I highly recommend it!



The two games mentioned above were developed by Bandai, with Unreal Engine technology and using Vive headsets.


You can play both games at the VR Zone park in Osaka, Japan.


Note: There was a VR Zone park in Tokyo but it was closed a couple of months ago.



Kaiji VR: The Nightmare Bridge


There is also Kaiji for VR!


Kaiji VR at Shibuya VR Park
Kaiji VR


In the first season of Kaiji, in the second game known as Human Derby, (Ningen Keiba in Japanese) participants must walk across a beam 25 meters long and just 15 cm wide.


In case of slipping, a fall of about 10 meters awaits you.


This game has gotten an adaptation in virtual reality!


VR Anime Games in Tokyo, Kaiji The Nightmare Bridge
Kaiji VR: The Nightmare Bridge


VR Anime Games in Tokyo, Kaiji The Nightmare Bridge
Kaiji VR: The Nightmare Bridge


The VR adaptation of the Kaiji game can be played on your PS4 or at Shibuya VR Park in Tokyo.


Attack on Titan: The Collapsing Tower (VR Game)



On the fifth floor of  DiverCity (where the full-size Gundam Unicorn statue is located), you can find an Attack On Titan VR game.


The VR game costs 1,300 yen (12 USD) to play & is based on season 2 of the anime where members of the Scout Regiment find themselves surrounded by Titans in a tower.


Here’s hexaRIDE’s description of the game:


“Members of the Scout Regiment find themselves surrounded by Titans as they’re stranded on top of a tower among the old ruins of Utgard Castle. The Titans are unrelenting as they advance, and one ally after another falls. Can you survive on this isolated tower? It’s time for you to experience a battle with humanity’s survival on the line”


For more attractions of Shingeki No Kyojin, check out:



If you don’t live in Japan and can’t go there anytime soon, don’t worry, keep reading.


VR Re:Zero


Rem & Emilia from Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World has their own virtual reality game and you can play it with just your smartphone (iOS & Android or PS4.


You can get the game for Android, iOS and PS4.





(I’m not sure if the game is available in English. Let me know in the comments below)


Asuna Lovely Honey Days


Asuna from Sword Art Online has also her own virtual reality game and you can play it with just your smartphone.


The game is free and available for Android and iOS and you can download it here. And yes, unfortunately it’s only in Japanese 🙁



Asuna Lovely Days VR at the beach



Asuna VR taking a bath
Asuna VR taking a bath


Now that you know where to find VR anime games, which one would you like to play?


Which Anime do you want to have a VR Game?