Located in Tokyo’s bustling otaku oasis, Akihabara, you can find Karaoke Pasela Akihabara.


Home to the Evangelion karaoke room, (among other themed rooms) you can rent your own scream box and belt out Eva tunes to your heart’s content in this anime karaoke room. A great attraction for anisong and karaoke lovers!



At the entrance of the karaoke booth, you’ll be greeted by a Rei door. Let’s slip past her and look at the room.



The room is decorated with all sorts of Eva decor. Complete with entry plugs, metal-like interior, and warning symbols, it’s like karaoke night at NERV’s HQ. (Better watch out, Fuyutsuki’s a party animal)




You’ll be setting down food and drinks on top of a glass table housing a Lance of Longinus, with a collection of Eva figures and Eva champagne on display as well.


And of course, if you ever get lonely, Unit-01 is looming over the TV, keeping you company.



Some nicely posed Evangelion figures are displayed along the walls.




Pasela also has a pretty sizable menu of drinks and food. Along with the usual karaoke menu items like finger food and pasta, they even run limited time collaboration menus with various series.


When I went, they had a Dead or Alive menu with some nice tropical looking drinks that looked like they were straight from Zack Island. They also had a menu based on Hinomaru Sumo with some hearty looking offerings befitting the series.



Next door, you’ll find their Final Fantasy themed karaoke room. Not quite as impressive as the Evangelion room, but pretty cool nonetheless.


Aoi kaze ga ima-





The room is super well put together and you can tell they went all out in making it something special.


Easily recommendable to Evangelion fans (and Final Fantasy fans!), it’s decked out and about as unique as karaoke rooms get.


Great for an anime-themed karaoke night, and one of the coolest Evangelion attractions in Japan, even when compared against places like the two Evangelion stores in Ikebukuro and Fuji Q Highland. and definitely a more obscure find than the ride at Universal Studios Japan. Brag about it to your friends!


As for the karaoke itself, their system has plenty of songs. Whether its anisong or something else, they’ll probably have what you’re looking for. Order some drinks, get boozy, get singing, and become a Terminal Dogman.




3-minute walk from JR Akihabara Station, Showa Dori Exit




11:30am-7:00am every day


Close to


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