I bet you’re asking yourself, “What ramen does Naruto get? Where can I eat? Is Ichiraku Ramen a real restaurant”?


Well, I’ll clear things up in this post.


Is Ichiraku Ramen a real restaurant?


Yes and no.


Kishimoto Masashi, the author of Naruto, was inspired by one of the branches of the company Ichiraku Ramen (same name as the anime).



Unfortunately, the restaurant in Kyuusandaimae, the one he used as inspiration, was closed down.


But, don’t worry because you can go to another branch in Fukuoka.


Here’s the list of all the branches of Ichiraku Ramen in Fukuoka.


No, there isn’t one in Tokyo 🙁



What ramen does Naruto get?


According to the restaurant that was located in J-World (already shut down ?, the ramen that Naruto eats is called Miso Tonkotsu, which, as the name implies, is made with miso broth and pork.




Where can I eat it?


You can eat it at almost any ramen restaurant in Japan. You can ask for it like this:



“Miso Tonkotsu wo onegaishimas”=

“Miso Tonkotsu, please.”


But, if you live in Shanghai, I’ve great news for you. A couple of months ago, the first official Naruto-themed ramen restaurant in the world opened in Shanghai.


Photo credit: ShanghaiEye on Twitter.


Also, you can make it yourself. If you head to Google or Duckduckgo and type in a search query for “naruto ramen recipes” you will find a lot of articles and videos explaining how to make the ramen that Naruto loves.


Would you like to try the Miso Tonkotsu?


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