After watching Your Name and Weathering with You, I saw that there are a lot of questions out there about the link between these two movies.


In this article, I’ll be answering:


  • Do Taki and Mitsuha, the main characters from Your Name, appear in Weathering with You?
  • If they do, what’s the link between the timelines of the two movies?
  • Are there any real-life locations I can visit?


Let’s dive in.


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In case you missed it, here’s  Part 2, which focuses on Yotsuha, Aqua, Godzilla’s cameo.



Did Taki have a cameo in Weathering with You?


The short answer to that question is yes.  How do I know this?


  • The young man that appears looks exactly like Taki.
  • Taki’s last name is Tachibana.
  • He has the same voice actor.



The young man that appears looks exactly like Taki


If you remember in Weathering with You, towards the middle of the movie; Hodaka and Hina, the main characters of Weathering with You go about their “weather girl” business.


They visit an old woman who lives in a very traditional Japanese house as they reply to her request.



After a while, this young man shows up at the house.



He looks exactly like Taki!



Taki’s last name is Tachibana


Later on in the movie, this old lady moves to another apartment and we get a shot of the front door of the apartment with a sign printed with the name of the occupant. The sign reads “Tachibana”.



You can assume that this old lady and this young man are related, and you would know that Taki’s full name in Your Name is Taki Tachibana. That’s a very strong second clue.


He has the same voice actor


If you’re still doubting, then of course, if you stayed through the credits, you can see that the name for the character in the credits is Taki Tachibana.


You’ll also see that the person who voices him is the same voice actor who plays Taki in Your Name.




Did Mitsuha appear in Weathering with You?


Yes, Mitsuha appeared in Weathering with You!




  • There’s a girl wearing a red ribbon who looks exactly like Mitsuha
  • Mitsuha’s last name is Miyamizu
  • She has the same voice actress


There’s a girl wearing a red ribbon who looks exactly like Mitsuha


If you remember towards the end when Hodaka wants to buy a present for Hina after they do their last weathering girl gig, basically, he goes to buy a ring for her.


This is the person who sells him the ring:



As you can see, she has the exact same necklace and the same hair.


You could barely see, but she has a red ribbon tying her hair back, which is the exact same style of ribbon that Mitsuha wears at the end of Your Name.


If you’re still unconvinced, you’ll notice that she’s also wearing a little badge with her name on it, which is hard to make out in the movie.


Mitsuha’s last name is Miyamizu


I was so excited about this that I went and picked up the light novel. I flicked through it and found that on page 151, it does mention the name that’s written on the badge. It’s Miyamizu!



In Your Name, Mitsuha’s full name is Mitsuha Miyamizu.


She has the same voice actress


If you wait and watch the credits, you’ll see her full name listed there as well and you’ll see that the voice actress who plays her in Weathering with You and Your Name is the same.



Did Hodaka (& Hina) meet Taki and Mitsuha before they reunited at the end of Your Name or after?


The timeline starts with Your Name, between 2013 and 2016. There is an element of time travel involved, so the story starts in 2013 for Mitsuha, and then three years later in 2016 for Taki.



Now, if you look at the timeline for Weathering with You, Taki and Mitsuha have their cameos while the “weathering girl” business is ongoing, and the opening hours are during the summer of 2021.


Weathering with you - real life location in Tabata


In December 2021, there’s the exciting moment where Taki and Mitsuha nearly managed to find each other and meet each other when they crossed paths on the bridge under the rain.



You know that they finally managed to meet each other on those world-famous stairs, and this happens on the 4th of April 2022 (according to the manga).




So, to answer “Did Taki and Mitsuha already find each other before Hodaka met them?” The answer is NO.



What happened with Mitsuha and Taki?


At the end of Weathering with You, after Hodaka is sent back to his hometown, he comes back to Tokyo. As I mentioned before, he goes back to see this old lady, who you might remember is related to Taki.




On page 281 of the light novel, it mentions that Hodaka sees some wedding pictures around the apartment. In Japanese, the exact phrase is “お孫さんの結婚写真” which means “Pictures of the wedding of her grandson”


So, it’s safe to assume that somewhere between 2022 and 2024, Taki and Mitsuha finally got married.



Are there any real-life locations?


Yes, there are many pilgrimage locations in Tokyo. I wrote another full article listing the locations.



For example, the store where Hodaka meets Mitsuha and tries to buy the ring for Hina is actually a real store here in Tokyo, and the ring is actually real as well.




You could buy that very same ring in that very same store right here in Tokyo.



Here’s the official website for the store:  MocaTokyo


In case you missed it, here’s  Part 2, which focuses on Yotsuha, Aqua, Godzilla’s cameo.



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