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If you are a degenerate like me, you may have asked yourself “where can I buy h3ntai merch?”


If you have visited Japan previously or try to find information online, it can be quite difficult to find these kinds of specialty shops.


Today I would like to introduce the best place to buy ecchi/hentai tapestries, the “Uribo Zakka Store.”




What is Uribou Zakka?


It is an original merchandise brand from Melon Books that partners with various artists to create top-tier hentai goods.



They have a gigantic catalog of tapestries but also sell a smaller collection of various goods like T-shirts, bags, pillows, blankets, and even acrylic clocks. They are constantly updating the store and website with new goods.


Note: Melon Books is a chain doujin shop that has a large number of stores in various locations throughout Japan. It covers the whole country from Hokkaido in the north and Kyushu in the south. They sell comics, doujinshi, PC games, DVD/Blu-rays, character goods, etc. In addition, Melon Books also runs a secondary shop called Fromage which is focused on selling doujin for women.



What else should you know?


On the 5th floor, there is an event hall.



Currently, there are no events planned due to Covid-19, but in the past, they have had art exhibits, author signings, and even pop-up shops for specific artists.


If you visit, take a look to see if anything is going on before you leave!


In addition, they also have a free Monthly Uribo Zakka-ten magazine that contains a lot of “nice” art, information about upcoming products, and some comics.


They also hold occasional lottery events. In May 2020, they held an event where the main prizes were tapestries and lower prizes were clear files and key chains.



Do they have international shipping?


No, but they work with a third-party shipping company called “Tenso” for overseas customers.


Essentially, they ship to a Tenso warehouse, and then Tenso forwards the package to your address. More information can be found here




For example, if you purchase a tapestry of a 700-year-old vampire covered in whip cream and she looks underage… You may have some trouble getting it through your country’s customs. Yes, I’m talking about explicit Loli h****I (no judgments here). Your country may have stricter laws about “fantasy/artistic expression” compared to Japan.



How do I get there?


 It is located on the 4th floor of the Melon Books Akihabara store pickup building. It is about a 2-minute walk from the Electric Town Exit of JR Akihabara Station.



【Floor guide】

  • 5F Event space
  • 4F Uribo Zakka Akihabara Main Store
  • 3F Mixed Doujin 
  • 2F Fromage Books Akihabara (for women)
  • B1F&1F store reception hall



PRO TIP: If you are traveling with women who do not approve of your tastes, drop them off on the second floor (women’s/BL floor) as you make your way to the shop! The third floor has a variety of male doujin and not all of them contain explicit content. It is still not suitable for children.


Address: 1-3-7 Sotokanda, Suzuki Building 4F Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 101-0021


This store is very easy to bypass since it is not in the busy section of Akiba, but give your eyes and treat and check it out!