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Pikachu is expanding into the sweets and pastry business.


Bakin’ n’ brewin’ a large selection of taking out Pokémon sweets, Pikachu Sweets is perfect for the on-the-go lifestyle of pokémon trainers and tourists alike.


We have a whole video about this themed Café, check it out!



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The menu among other cute offerings includes Pikachu cupcakes, baumkuchen roll cakes, and lattes adorned with none other than the boss man himself, Pikachu.



It’s in the same building as the Mega Pokémon Center at Sunshine City mall in Ikebukuro, home to Otome Road and year-round cosplay events which we cover in-depth in our Otome Road article.


I also put the Ikebukuro area on our 1-day otaku itinerary, where you can find a list of anime stuff near Sunshine City and Pikachu Sweets.


Address: Sunshine City Ikebukuro (2F)


Official website