Looking for Otaku Spots in Tokyo?


Today, I’ll show you the Tokyo Anime Center.


The best part?


This attraction is completely free!





What is Tokyo Anime Center?


Located inside DNP Plaza in Ichigaya, Tokyo Anime Center is a small spot where you can find:


  • Anime Exhibitions
  • Anime Store
  • Anime Cafe



Anime Exhibition


No doubt that the exhibition is the best part of Tokyo Anime Center.


Every one or two months they hold a different anime or video game’s exhibition.


To celebrate the release of the new movie Code Geass: Lelouch of the Resurrection, a Code Geass exhibition was held in Tokyo Anime Center from 2019.02.21 – 2019.03.24 .


Here are some pictures:














If you are looking for more places related to Code Geass in Japan, the other day I wrote a post about that. Check it out!


Code Geass, Real-Life Locations in Japan






Tokyo Anime Center has a small shop where you can buy anime merchandise.






You can also find original goods of Code Geass: Akito the Exiled.





Code Geass T-shirts are also for sale. The other day I wrote a post of where to buy Anime T-Shirts in Tokyo. Check it out 😉




Besides Code Geass, the store has some merch of Mob Psycho, Cardcaptor Sakura, and more.



And yes, you can also find Gashapon.



Note: The original goods available in the store vary depending on the season, so depending on when you go, you might find different merchandise than the ones I showed above.




On the first floor of DNP plaza, there is a collaboration cafe of the anime exhibition that is taking place.


The price of one drink is around 700 yen (6.5 USD).







Fun Project Park


Next to the Exhibition, there is an area where you can draw manga.


You can find more information on the official page (*Website only in Japanese)






When I visited the center I had a fantastic time thanks to the exhibition of Code Geass, my favorite anime. I enjoyed every moment and took a lot of pictures.


My suggestion is to check the official site of Tokyo Anime Center and if you are interested in the current exhibition, I think that it will be worth the visit. Otherwise, I wouldn’t recommend that you go.


Btw, the current exhibition is  Inazuma Eleven Exhibition and it will be running from 2019.05.17 – 2019.06.09 


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The closest station is Ichigaya Station. The station has 4 different metro lines so you can take whatever works best for you.


  • Yurakucho Line: 1 minute walk from Exit 6


  • Namboku Line: 1 minute walk from Exit 6


  • JR Line: 5-minute walk


  • Toei Shinjuku Line: 6 minute walk from Exit 1




Opening hours 11:00 – 20:00


Closed Tuesdays, year-end / New Year holiday,


Estimated time


Tokyo Anime Center is a bit small so you can easily look at everything in under 30 minutes.


Close to


There are no other famous attractions in the Ichigaya area, but the closest anime attraction is in Shinjuku or Yotsuya (around 5-10 minutes by train)


Anime attractions near Tokyo Anime Center:



Did you already go to the Anime Center? Did you like it? Let me know in the comments below!