As a disclaimer, I’ve already read the manga and of course, watched the movie but this review doesn’t have spoilers at all. 


If you’ve already watched our previous video you know that we don’t usually do reviews, we focus on the anime life side of things in Japan like Anime Cafes, real-life locations, and from now we’ll be also doing interviews like the one that we did with Deca-Dence and Mob Pyscho’s director. So if you want us to review anime movies when they are screened in Japan let us know. 


Let’s start with the review. 


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How was the animation?


I think that this is the number one question that everyone wants to know and honestly.


Of course, it was extraordinary. Ufotable, the animation studio in charge of this movie, is a synonym for extraordinary animation, so you don’t need to ask this question.



They are also the ones who animated Fate’s series. So you already know the answer.


Yes, UFOTABLE always does an excellent job and this movie was no exception. 


Should you wait to watch the movie or should you read the manga?


Let’s be honest Kimetsu No Yaiba’s popularity is mostly because of the superb job that UFOTABLE did with the animation. Everyone was talking about it after episode 19. 


If you already read the manga you know that they’re not plot twists.


Well, if you want to consider a plot twist, who is going to get killed yes there are several plot twists, but otherwise like tons of people said. Demon Slayer is carried by the animation, not the story. 


So, to answer this question, I’ll say definitely wait for the movie. The director and the animation studio did a great job. I read the manga and I already knew what would happen so I didn’t enjoy it as much as I’ll if I hadn’t read the manga. 



How faithful is the movie to the manga?


Of course, every time that manga is adapted to anime there are always a few changes.


I’ll say in this case the changes were small so you can expect the movie to be really faithful to the manga.



How much of the manga does the movie cover?


It covers from chapter 52 to chapter 66




The movie was not worth the hype. The first 40 minutes were quite boring. Criticizing the movie as a general anime viewer, it was an average movie.