This video doesn’t have SPOILERS about the manga and of course about this movie.


So, if you haven’t read the manga or watched the movie you can watch this review with peace of mind since I won’t give anything away. 


Let’s start. 


  • Is the movie considered canon?
  • How was the animation and which studio is responsible?
  • Is the movie worth watching?
  • Where in the Boku no Hero timeline does it take place?
  • Where can you watch the movie? Are there any torrents?
  • Was there a post-credits scene?


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I’ll upload a spoiler review soon but this one doesn’t have spoilers. 


What is the movie ¨World Heroes Mission”?


This is the third movie of BNHA and yes, Horikoshi-sensei, the original author was involved in this movie. 


To give you a bit of background, during the release of Heroes Rising, the second movie, the author said that he used an element in Heroes Rising that he wanted to use in the final battle of the manga.



He mentioned that the first movie showcased All Might and Deku fighting side-by-side as master and pupil. And. with the battle of Deku and Bakugo vs Nine, he topped the battle of the first movie.



So, he said that there won’t be a third movie since it would be difficult to top the battle of the second movie.


So, you might be wondering why there’s the third movie when he said that it wouldn’t happen. Well, he changed his mind because during the announcement of this movie he had this to say:


“We’re now bringing you the third film! Thank you for your continued support of Deku and the others! When we announced the second film, I made a “there will be no other films” kind of comment, but here it is. We have the support of so many people, I can’t figure out which way to bow, so I stuck my head in the ground.”


Translation credit: Crunchyroll


Is the movie canon?


Let’s start by defining what’s canon. 


In a broad sense, canon is everything that is accepted as part of the official story. In Boku No Hero Academia and many other anime or manga, canon is considered to be everything that was created by the original author, in this case, Horikoshi-sensei. 



There is a lot of discussion, especially on Reddit, about whether this movie and the previous movies are canon. 


I’ll tell you why this and the other movies are canon. 


  1. In Boku No Hero the movies aren’t meant to have an impact on the main story, rather it serves as a supplementary adventure for the characters. But, that doesn’t mean they are not canon, it just means that they are skippable since the movies don’t influence the manga. 
  2. The previous movies were slightly referenced in the manga. For example, The Volume 25 bonus pages imply Melissa Shield helped to create Endeavor’s latest costume coming from an American support company, referring to “a certain girl over in the States”.
  3. Horikoshi-sensei, the original author, was involved in the story of all 3 movies. We don’t know to what extent but he was part of the creative team, so this movie and the other movies are canon. 



When does the movie take place?


In the movie, Todoroki mentioned that he, Bakugo, and Deku were doing the internship with Endeavor when the events of the movie happened.


Confirmed by the official summary on the official website, the movie takes place during Endeavor’s internship.



In the movie, Deku can control the blackwhip so you can assume that it’s somewhere around episode 18 of season 5 of the anime or 106 overall. In the manga, it would be around chapter 251. 


Is the movie worth watching? 


I want to make one thing extremely clear, I love Boku No Hero Academia. But, this movie is not as good as the manga or the TV anime.


If you ask me to compare this movie with other anime movies that were screened this year like Nanatsu No Taizai Cursed By light or Evangelion Thrice Upon a Time, those 2 movies are 100 times better than this movie of Boku No Hero Academia. 


I thought that we’ll see Deku, Todoroki, and Bakugo fighting together against the new villain but that didn’t happen. That was the biggest bummer of the movie. 



Also, if you want to compare this movie with Two Heroes or Heroes Rising, the previous 2 movies of BNHA. Heroes Rising was the best movie out of the 3. The fight between Bakugo and Deku vs Nine was top-tier. 


Something that this movie did better was they finally picked the right background music for an important fight. In Heroes Rising, Bakugo and Deku vs Nine, or in season 4 Deku vs Chisaki the background music didn’t match with the feeling of the battle. Both fights had terrible background music. But, finally for this movie they picked the right background music. 


Before you go and start attacking me in the comments below, let me remind you that I love Hero Academia and I’m not reviewing the manga or anime, I’m reviewing this movie. 


So to sum up, the movie is not bad but keep your expectations low. I’ll explain why I’m saying this in our upcoming spoiler review. 



The animation.


Like all the anime episodes and previous 2 movies, BONES was in charge of this movie too.


The animation of the movie has better quality than TV episodes and I’ll say that it has the same quality as the other two movies. 



Where can you watch the movie?


Only in Japanese theaters. 


As I always tell you, I know that you’re now desperately looking for the torrent of the movie, but you won’t find it. Japan is quite strict about filming a movie inside the cinema.



Believe me when I say that you won’t find the torrent. Besides, keep in mind that downloading a torrent is piracy and you can get into trouble. (not to mention that torrenting affects the ability to make these movies). 


The last 2 movies of BNHA were screened in several countries such as America, so I think that you can expect this movie to be screened outside Japan too. But, there isn’t any official announcement yet. 





If you’ve watched our previous reviews, you know that 99% of the time you can get a freebie when you watch an anime movie in Japan.


This time I got the  Volume World Heroes, a special volume that includes concept sketches, interviews, and a new chapter, all by Kohei Horikoshi, the original author.



I might read it and tell you what the volume is about in my upcoming spoiler review of this movie.


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