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  • Did Escanor appear?
  • What happened with Merlin and Arthur?
  • What was the role of the supreme deity?
  • Dahlia and Dubs, the new villains, who are they?
  • What was the post-credits scene?


I’ll answer these questions and more!


Also, this review DOESN’T have spoilers for the Four Knights of the Apocalypse.


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When does the movie take place?


As I mentioned in my spoiler-free review, the movie takes place between chapters 344 and 345 of the manga. Or, halfway through episode 24 of Dragon Judgment. Which is 6 months after Elizabeth and Meliodas started their trip. 



Do you remember the scene in chapter 344 where Meliodas said to Bartra that he’ll marry Elizabeth and become the king of Britannia?


I was a bit disappointed when I didn’t see that scene in the last episode of the anime but that scene was animated in the movie. Which was a wise decision from the production committee to wait until the movie.


What did I like about the movie?


The first thing that I liked was that the movie blends very well with the story and gives a better sense of closure.



There are many movies that sort of contribution to the story but if you skip them you’ll still understand the story without any problem. For example, in the first movie of Boku No Hero Academia, you can skip the movie and not have any troubles. But, this movie, Cursed by Light, is a must-watch if you want to experience a more complete story and see some extra scenes. 


For example, the wedding of Diane and King, Hawks and his brother in hell, the relationship development between Zeldris and Meliodas, the wedding of Meliodas and Elizabeth. Also, the coronation of Meliodas, while only 2 seconds long, was hilarious.  


The second thing that I liked is that this movie focused heavily on Zeldris and Meliodas, who are my favorite characters. I feel that this movie was written with the purpose to show us how they overcame all their issues. I’ll talk more about this in a second. 



The third thing that I was fascinated about was this kind of plot twist where the real enemy was the Supreme Deity. I knew that she’d appear but I didn’t know her role so I was a bit surprised to discover that she was the enemy.


What did I didn’t like about the movie?


The first thing that I didn’t like was that the movie jumped too fast to the plot. I wanted to see more scenes of Meliodas and Elizabeth’s trip, what the other characters were doing after the war and more slice-of-life scenes. But, after 7-10 minutes they just started with the plot. That might be good for you, but for me, I wanted to see more of how the characters were enjoying their life after the war. 


The second thing that I didn’t like was they didn’t take advantage of the character of the Supreme Deity. Yes, she was the real villain of the story and I mentioned that I like that she appeared. But, it was a bummer that she only appeared for 20-30 minutes.


Besides the Demon King, the Supreme Deity also played a significant role in the story so they could have built a whole  24 anime episode arc around her. But, they decided to use her for just 20 minutes in a movie. The fight with the Demon King took several chapters of the manga and episodes of the anime while the fight with the Supreme Deity was far shorter in comparison.


Also, it took mainly only Meliodas and Zeldris to beat her. While with the Demon King it required the strength of all the sins and Elizabeth. Considering that Supreme Deity and Demon King have the same strength it shouldn’t have been that easy to beat her. 



What I’m trying to say is that they didn’t take full advantage of such an integral character like the  Supreme Deity, I feel she was a waste of a character. 


Who’re the villains of this movie?


Dahlia, Dubs, and as the movie progresses you’ll see that the main villain is actually the Supreme Deity. 


Dubs was mentioned in Chapter 220 and Chapter 337.




Dahlia appeared for the first time in the 3DS Game Unjust Sin during one of King’s missions.




In the movie,  Meliodas mentioned that he already knew him. On the other hand, when Diane asked King who Dahlia was, he said that he knew who he was but had never met him because he was born after Dahlia disappeared. I don’t remember if the word in Japanese that he used was “disappeared” but he definitely didn’t use the word “died”.


The battles


There were 4 main battles. The animation in all of them was quite good. The first main battle was Meliodas, Elizabeth, Zeldris, and Gelda against Dubs and Dahlia where the villains kicked Meliodas and Zeldris’s ass. Then there is another fight between Meliodas and Zeldris Vs Dubs and Dahlia.



The third main battle was Ban, Gowther, Diane, and King against the Supreme Deity. Finally, the last battle was Meliodas and Zeldris against the Supreme Deity. One of my favorite moments was when Meliodas arrived at the fight. He looked very much like Goku from Dragon Ball when he arrived at the battle. 



Who GOATED or who was the MVP of the movie?


Meliodas and Zeldris. As I mentioned many times, the movie focuses on both of them. How Zeldris is forgiving and is beginning to trust his older brother again. There were so many moments between those two that it would be hard to list them all. From a lot of funny moments to more serious situations.



What their relationship looked like in the movie was kind of the relationship between Goku and Vegeta, where Vegeta was a bit tsundere to Goku but over time he started getting along with him. 


The main character development was Zeldris, at the end Meliodas said to Zeldris that he wishes him luck as the new demon king and Zeldris told him that he should come and visit him once in a while. That was one of my favorite scenes in the movie.  


To sum up, Zeldris and Meliodas were the heroes of the movie and the ones who defeated the Supreme Deity.


What was the role of Mael, Elizabeth, and the sins?


Mael appeared in the movie and he fought against the Supreme Deity. A transcendental moment was when he was fighting against his own clan and Guila saved him. Mael told her that she shouldn’t do that to which Guila responded that she wanted to help a friend. That played an important role because that means that the humans are beginning to accept the Goddess Clan. Also, I don’t remember Mael using sunshine. 


Elizabeth and Gelda were like the nice girlfriends that were helping Meliodas and Zeldris.


There weren’t any power-ups, but Elizabeth fought against Dubs, Dahlia, and the Supreme Deity. One of my favorite moments was when the Supreme Deity appeared, Bartra said to Elizabeth “oh that’s your real mother”  Elizabeth responds that he was her real parent, that it’s the one who raises a child, not the one who births it that is truly a parent. That was a moving scene btw.



As for Ban, King, Diane, and Gowther, they have a decent amount of screen time and fought against the Supreme Deity. As I mentioned before we saw the wedding of King and Diane. 


Ban also asked Elaine what she thinks about getting married. She says that she is not interested in marriage and he agrees. So we can assume that even with the birth of Lancelot, their child, they are not planning to get married. 



Did Escanor appear?


No, not at all. He was referenced, for example when Meliodas remembered his fight against him but that was all.


What happened with Merlin and Arthur?


They only appeared in three-four scenes talking in front of the ruins of Camelot.


They didn’t play a significant role in the movie. We saw Arthur with only one hand and dealing with a lot of guilt and sadness for not being able to rescue Camelot. In this movie, it doesn’t look that he is starting to turn bad. 



Merlin appeared in the movie but the sins never mentioned her name. So you can assume that they’re not on good terms or they don’t know her whereabouts because they never said something like “let’s call Merlin”



What was the post-credits scene?


There was a post-credits scene where Merlin was talking with Arthur in front of the ruins of Camelot and she said the era of the gods is done and the era of chaos just started. 




I liked that the movie blends very well with the story and gives a better sense of closure. The movie was made for fans and is a rollercoaster of emotions style of ending. If you’re a big fan you’ll love it. Also, the soundtrack at the end gives an extra emotional moment to the finale.


I feel that it was a bummer that they didn’t take advantage of such an essential character like the Supreme Deity.


Finally, Meliodas and Zeldris are the heroes of the movie.



Let me know what you think about my review? Also, if you have any questions that I didn’t answer in this review let me know and I can probably make another video or article.



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