According to Japanese people, what are the best, live-action anime and manga movie adaptations of all time? 


Also, if you stick around until the end, I’ll also tell you what my two biggest recommendations are.


One of them was trending in Japan when it was released, but I’m betting a lot of you might never have heard of it, even though it’s an absolute masterpiece. 


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Maybe you’re like me and are trying to figure out which adaptations are worth watching; because yeah, most of them are terrible, but there should be ones that are still quite decent right?  Or, maybe you’re curious about what Japanese people think are good anime or manga adaptations?



Either way, keep watching; because these are some movies that I’m sure at least some of you have never even heard of before.



I’m going to start by saying this initial list is not based on my opinion, it’s based on surveys conducted in Japan.



I went through several surveys with data combined from more than 8,000 responses, all in Japanese, where they asked Japanese people what they think are the best adaptations.



Also, here is a visualization of the highest-grossing anime & manga live-action movies/films at the Japanese box office from 2006 to 2022.


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