How is working in Japan as an anime animator and the path to becoming one?


It’s possible to work in a Japanese animation studio without an animation degree?


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Some of the questions that we asked are:


  • About Ken Arto
  • Were you able to learn the Japanese style of animation when you were in France?
  • Do you think there have been any positives that have come from going to school to learn a different style, and then coming here to learn the Japanese style afterwards?
  • Is it possible to potentially work on an anime here in Japan without going to school?
  • Would you have said that going to school in Japan would be the way to go then?
  • Have you gotten to experience any other roles or are you really sticking to animation?
  • What was it like working on the Kimetsu No Yaiba Movie?
  • Is it any different working for a movie versus working a series?
  • How was working in the Dragon Ball Super’s movie?
  • What did you know about the movie ​(Dragon Ball Super: Broly)?
  • Do you like seeing your animation on the screen?
  • Do you have any projects that you are currently hoping to maybe get to work on?
  • What was it like working on Jujutsu Kaisen?
  • Do you like doing the action scenes or do you, kind of, prefer the more relationship-building scenes?
  • Do you have any scenes that you’ve done, maybe one that was really challenging that you feel you got really well or any that stand out?