Are you curious about what’s it like working in Japan as an anime animator? Are you interested in a path to becoming one? Like if it’s possible to work in a Japanese animation studio without an animation degree?


Well, we have just the animator to answer all your questions and more! Find it out in our interview with Ken Arto, whose worked on hit anime like the Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie and Jujutsu Kaisen.


Watch the video below:



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Questions Asked (in the video):

  • About Ken Arto: Who are you and what do you do?
  • Were you able to learn the Japanese style of animation when you were in France?
  • Do you think there have been any positives that have come from going to school to learn a different style, and then coming here to learn the Japanese style afterwards?
  • Is it possible to potentially work on an anime here in Japan without going to school?
  • Would you have said that going to school in Japan would be the way to go then?
  • Have you gotten to experience any other roles or are you really sticking to animation?
  • What was it like working on the Kimetsu No Yaiba Movie?
  • Is it any different working for a movie versus working a series?
  • How was working in the Dragon Ball Super’s movie?
  • What did you know about the movie ​(Dragon Ball Super: Broly)?
  • Do you like seeing your animation on the screen?
  • Do you have any projects that you are currently hoping to maybe get to work on?
  • What was it like working on Jujutsu Kaisen?
  • Do you like doing the action scenes or do you, kind of, prefer the more relationship-building scenes?
  • Do you have any scenes that you’ve done, maybe one that was really challenging that you feel you got really well or any that stand out?
  • What platform do you use to create animations?


SPOILER: The answer to the final question? Clip Studio Paint. Clip Studio Paint PRO/EX is the standard platform for drawing manga and anime in Japan. So, if you’re interested in joining the industry, you’re going to want to learn this platform first. But don’t worry, we have a link that gives you 30 days free to try it out!


I have my own paid subscription to Clip Studio and I can’t say enough good things about it, and the best part is it’s way cheaper than comparable Adobe software. YouTube has a lot of great resources that show how to use it. Or, if you want to take your learning to the next level, you can also check out the courses on a platform such as Skillshare or Coursera. If you love it, let us know in the comments below!