Looking for Anime Spots in Yokohama or are you a fan of the Fate universe?


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For the longest time, I assumed that all the Fate locations were in Kobe. 


After some research, I was surprised to learn that most of the locations were actually all located near Tokyo! 


The next installments will show the pilgrimage locations close to Tokyo. 


Here are the locations of the Fate Series around the Yokohama area, where a mix of daily life scenes, as well as some sasuga Ufotable animated fights happened.


A lot of the locations are in public areas such as residential areas, shrines, museums, and parks, therefore don’t act in a way that will bother people around you.


In case you missed it, here’s Part 1, which focuses on the show’s Kobe, Nagasaki, and Nagoya locations. 


There’s also Part 3, which focuses on the show’s Tokyo locations.


Ryuudou Temple




From the pictures above, I imagine you understand how iconic this location is. 


I still remember the first Fate series that I watched, UBW, where I was amazed at how the animation looked, with Caster and Archer blasting each other with magic, arrows, and swords. 



I took the shots from the Fate/Zero anime, but similar shots can be found for the other series. 


Here you can see that the atmosphere of the temple is really different during Kiritsugu and Saber’s psychological conflict. 












Totsuka Station Neighborhood (Heaven’s Feel)


Many background scenes in the Heaven’s Feel Movies are taken in the Totsuka Station neighborhood in Yokohama 














Miharashi Bridge was also featured to be a part of Fuyuki City. Enjoy the nice slope that seems to climb endlessly up, up and up…



Maioka Park is where Ilya comes and hugs Shirou a nice hug (and tells him to ditch his stupid ideals).


If you ever decide to go here (why wouldn’t you!), don’t be stupid like me who went in the middle of the day with families and kids running about. 


I recommend going at night to maximize immersion (and chances of getting hugged by Ilya).








Cemetery (Fate/Zero)


Remember the cemetery where Kirei started gracing us audiences with a glorious Engrish Sermon in order to pay his “respects” to the late Tokiomi?


Turns out that this cemetery is the Yokohama Foreign General Cemetery.


Located just south of Yokohama Chinatown, this cemetery was a burial location used for foreigners who lived in Japan from the mid 19th to the 20th century. 


As foreigners were buried, most of the writing there is in English.


Obviously I don’t care about all that history crap, I just want to see Kirei giving loli Rin her father’s dagger:






I can never get over how Kirei gives the dagger to Rin. I feel both terrible for my waifu Rin but really happy for Kirei.





Here is a Google Maps with all the locations. I highly recommend you use this Maps to get the exact locations, especially for the Totsuka locations, as they are extremely hard to find without it. That or you don’t mind getting lost in the neighborhood (admittedly that neighborhood is quite picturesque)!



Getting to Ryuudou temple requires getting to Fujisawa station. From there, walk 20 minutes to the temple. 


The locations in Totsuka are either a 30 min walk or a 10 min bus ride from Totsuka station.


You need to take the T2 bus which will take you to the Miharashi bridge.


In my opinion, buses are absolutely awful to navigate through in Japan. If you plan to go there, I recommend saving this picture and showing it to the station attendant that you want to take this particular bus so that he or she can lead you there.



I recommend that you do the Totsuka and the Ryuudou temple pilgrimages together!


The cemetery is a 10-minute walk from Motomachi-Chukagai Station, which is in Yokohama Chinatown.


The Yokohama area is also very nice, there are lots of anime pilgrimages there (as well as another Fate pilgrimage location there, which will be posted here in the future!).


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