A die-hard fan of Fate/Zero and Tohsaka Rin? Keep reading!


During episode 10 in Fate/Zero, child Tohsaka Rin goes on a search in this creepy looking city to find the kidnapper, in order to save her friend.


If you have the chance to go to Nakano Broadway, you can follow the route that Rin took for her search!


Running around the back alleys and finding all the places she went to really felt like a treasure hunt! Check them out below.


In case you missed it, here’s Part 1, which focuses on the show’s Kobe, Nagasaki, and Nagoya locations. 


There’s also Part 2, which focuses on the show’s Yokohama locations.


Thanks to fragments for writing this article!


A lot of the locations are in public areas such as residential areas, shrines, museums, and parks, therefore don’t act in a way that will bother people around you.





Above is a map of Nakano Broadway showing all the places Rin went to.


The numbers indicate the order in which the locations were shown in episode 10 of Fate/Zero.


The locations in the map above will be referenced in their corresponding number in the descriptions below. Perspective readers may notice that the number 10 is not on the map. That’s because the spot is a different location.


At (1), Rin gets off the train and arrives in this really eerie area.



Turns out that this place is just the front of Nakano Broadway. Looks like the real-life version is not quite as creepy. Which is fine, otherwise shopping for otaku goods here would feel like a trip to a haunted house every time.


Rin then begins her search. Go save your friend! Run Rin-chan, run! (2,3)





Then cut to a bunch of random alleyways (4,5,6,7) in the backstreets of Nakano Broadway:








If you are still following the map at this point, you would have realized that you are running in completely random directions.


Rin staying well hidden to avoid being caught by lolicons Ryuunosuke (8)


The Bullet bar in the anime is actually a spider (9):



She finally arrives at her location:



For the real life locations, we have somehow teleported from Nakano to Kichijoji, 10 minutes away by train:





This bar in question seemed like some kind of Jazz bar. I will definitely go back there again to find Rin to enjoy some nice drinks. 


Rin then ends up back in Nakano, where she hides from a whole bunch of police officers (11):




Careful Rin, if you stay like that, a tentacle monster will come and eat you…





The Nakano locations are found in Nakano broadway. As most of you already know, Nakano Broadway on its own is a great spot to buy anime merchandise, highly recommended for otaku who want to visit Japan.


You will also be able to enjoy the Fate/Zero pilgrimage by going there. 


The bar where the kids were held hostage is located in Kichijoji. It is called “Bar Zebec” in real life.  You can get there by taking a train from Nakano Station or Shinjuku on the Chuo-Sobu line.


Thanks again to fragments for writing this article!