Want to take a trip to Japan but can’t physically travel?


No problem, I have the perfect solution for you!


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Thanks to our team member, Tim, for writing this article.

What is the “Akihabara Online Tour”?


Well, simply put, it’s the best anime online tour.


Yuki, a veteran otaku, will take you on this virtual tour of Japan’s #1 otaku district, Akihabara.


These tours are done in English and/or Japanese and are for private or small groups.


These tours are surprisingly individualized, and Yuki does not give the same tour twice.


Before the tour, you are sent a form to fill out about your interest in anime. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you fill this out with as much detail as possible.



There is a big emphasis on you, the customer, and Yuki will change his tour to tailored to your interests.


Additionally, he wants you to be part of the tour and keeps you engaged. Like a traditional tour, you will learn some new information and have fun doing it, too!



What can I expect?


The overall flow of the tour is as follows:


  • Self-introductions (both Yuki and his guests)
  • History of “otaku” subcultures and Akihabara
  • Anime quiz
  • Some things to do in Akihabara
  • Tips for visiting in person
  • Closing/Q&A



Note: If you take Yuki’s online tour, you will receive a discount on his in-person tour once the pandemic has ended. If you do make it to Tokyo, you can experience some of the things discussed with Yuki in real life! How awesome is that?


Who is this tour for?


This is an all-ages tour that is tailored to your interests. It is suitable for children (parents are more than welcome to supervise) and adults.


If you have an interest in anime, Yuki will focus on your preferences so you can get the most out of the experience.



If you don’t know much about anime, that’s okay too. Yuki will introduce you to some of the unique subcultures in Japan as well as give you a brief history lesson.


Interestingly, the majority of his guests are in their teens and 20s, but, as I’ve said before, anyone of any age is welcome to join.


Furthermore, Yuki has also done tours for some big companies!



With everyone working from home, this could be a fun way to promote team-building skills and camaraderie among like-minded staff with distant offices. If you were turned off by the words “all ages,” don’t be, everyone of all age and interest levels will learn something from this tour. And for the more “cultured,” Yuki is well-versed in everything otaku related, if you catch my drift…



I have already been to Japan, is it worth it to do a virtual tour?


Yes! I, myself, was skeptical since I go to Akihabara on a regular basis, but I actually learned some new things I found interesting and had fun doing it, too.


Again, Yuki tailors his tours to his guests. If you have already been to Akihabara, he may be able to tell you about things you might have missed on your trip.



In addition to spotlighting current Akihabara, he also knows some of the histories for the area as well, which I personally found very fascinating.


Also, as you might be asking, why is Akihabara also called “Akiba”?


Well, if you join Yuki’s tour, you may learn the reason why.    


The online tour can be booked at the following link:


Anime Online Tour


Thanks again to Tim for writing this article.


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