This review doesn’t have any spoilers for the Manga but it does have spoilers for World Heroes Mission, the new My Hero Academia movie.


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Let’s start 


  • Did the league of villains appear? 
  • What was good and bad about the movie?
  • Why was Deku accused of mass murder
  • Who is the new main villain?


I’ll answer those questions and more in this video. 




Again, this review DOESN’T contain any manga spoilers. So, if you haven’t read the manga you can watch this review safely, as I won’t be giving anything away. 



Did the league of villains appear?


No, they don’t appear in the movie at all.



Who is Rody?


He’s one of the new original characters in the movie, a resident of Otheon. It is a fictional country located in Europe.



Rody explains that his mom died when his sister was born.


His Dad disappeared with Humarize, and he’s been responsible for taking care of his younger brother and sister. Rody plays an essential role in the movie since he’s the one who found and used the key to stop the bombs that kill everyone with a quirk from going off. 


His quirk, Pino the Pink Bird is a bit useless. Pino is connected to him and will always show Rody’s true feelings. 



Who is the new main villain?


Flect Turn is the leader of Humarize. “Humanize,” is an organization plotting to rid the world of people with quirks. In the name of “salvation for humanity,”



So, they planted bombs around the world which will kill everyone who has a quirk.


Flect Turn, has the quirk of Reflect. It’s the ability to reflect any and all forms of energy. Often equipped with “Arachne,” an exoskeleton that helps manipulate reflected energy, he can perform such feats as directing said energy and righting himself in mid-air.


Now let’s talk about the fights


There were a lot of fights and action so it would be impossible to list all of them. But the main battles were:


  • Bakugo vs Serpenters ​​
  • Todoroki vs another villain whose name I don’t remember.
  • Deku vs Flect Turn





The animation and battle scenes were top-tier. Big props to all the animation staff and the director.


My favorite fight was Bakugo vs Serpenters, the fact that it looked like Kachann would die gave an extra emotional edge to the fight. Also, the moments when Todoroki shot his last attack and when Deku became super saiyan green were phenomenal. 



What did I like about the movie?


  • The movie jumps directly to the plot. The first 10-15 minutes have a lot of action. You’ll see Humarize committing terrorism by bombing a lot of people to remove their quirks, but this also causes their quirks to explode, killing a ton of civilians. Just as you see on the trailer. During the first minutes is the only moment when we see Deku, Bakugo and Todoroki wearing the stealth suit. 


  • Same as the fight with Chisaki, Deku became a super saiyan green while he was fighting against Flect Turn. That moment was dope.


  • Bakugos fight was incredible. A lot of blood and it looked like he would lose his fight. Also, you get to see Bakugo’s boobs. 


  • In general, the movie had a lot of action and several fights. If that’s the reason why you like BNHA you’ll definitely enjoy the movie. 


Deku Super Saiyan green



Now, what didn’t I like about the movie?


And yes, I’m ready for you guys to start attacking me in the comments. 


I’m trying to be objective, I love BNHA and if I review the movie as a die-hard fan I’ll say that I like it. Who doesn’t like a new adventure of Deku and friends? But, the movie in general leaves much to be desired. And, while it wasn’t trash, I won’t say that it was good. 



What I didn’t like was: 


  • The movie doesn’t add anything to the story. In the first movie, you saw an old friend of All Might and got to know who designed his suit. In the second movie, you learned more about One For All and the first appearance of Kyudai Garaki, the doctor, in the anime and many other things. This movie is canon, but completely skippable and has more fan service than anything else. 


  • I feel a bit deceived by the marketing of the movie. They were trying to sell us the movie as it would be heavily focused on Deku, Bakugo, and Todoroki. That’s not what happened. This movie was very focused on Deku. Yes, Bakugo and Todoroki fought with the villains but it didn’t feel like it was also their movie. On top of that, the first visual of the movie said “He will meet the 3 musketeers” Who was “he”? If the visual was referring to Flect Turn, the main villain, then he only met Deku in person.


  • But, the most disappointing part was that the main fight was not Todoroki, Bakugo and Deku vs Flect Turn. It was only Flect Turn against Deku. Another bummer. 


  • Continuing to talk about the final fight, Deku vs Flect Turn, couldn’t exceed the battle of Deku and Bakugo vs Nine. One of the best parts of Heroes Rising was where Deku and Bakugo teamed up. And I was hoping we would get to see something similar again with Shoto but that didn’t happen. 


  • The stealth suit looks fantastic, but it only appeared in the first few minutes of the movie. What’s the point of promoting the movie with the stealth suit if they won’t take advantage of it?


  • I thought that we’ll be able to see top-tier heroes from different countries with the core cast. That would be dope but that wasn’t the case. Yes, some heroes from different countries appeared with the core cast but they didn’t play a relevant role. 


  • Also, I was hoping to learn how other countries work in the terms of heroes. But it didn’t happen. The only thing that you’ll learn is that foreign heroes don’t have authority outside their country (which does kinda make sense when you think about it)



So basically, it kinda feels like the movie is equivalent to when someone is trying to sell you a product, tells you all these things that the product will have, you buy and open the product and it turns out that it was completely different from what you’ve been promised.



They sold us this movie as the 3 musketeers, worldwide mission, stealth suit and we didn’t get that much of that.



Why Deku was accused of mass murder?


The police were about to shoot Rody because he was holding, by mistake, a suitcase that belonged to Humarise Deku drops in front of him to protect him. The police surrounded Deku instead and then Deku took Rody and both escaped. Then, Deku was accused of mass murder. Of course, by a simple misunderstanding. 



To sum up, we didn’t get what was promised in the trailer or visuals. A top-tier movie focused on 3 musketeers.


Or the hopes of figuring out what kind of hero system do other countries have. I feel a bit disappointed, of course as a die-hard fan I enjoy the movie but as a movie, in general, it’s completely skippable and doesn’t have any supplementary content to the main story.



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