Mipon, the first Anime Tourism Channel arrives on YouTube


Mipon is proud to announce the release of the first Youtube channel dedicated to Anime Tourism.


Date: December 20th, 2019 


For the past few months, we have been working on this new project and today we are finally releasing.  


Mipon Youtube Channel


What kind of content should I expect?


Have you ever wondered how it’s like to live with anime in Japan?



That’s the kind of content that we will be creating.


For example:


  • Anime Spots
  • Real-Life Locations (Pilgrimage), 
  • Anime Events, and more. 


We want to tell you everything that is happening in Japan about Anime.




Who will be the Youtuber? 


Meet Jacques! 



I met Jacques last year at an Anime Meetup. With him, Won (another member of Mipon), and another friend, we have been visiting a lot of Anime spots in Tokyo. I spoke with Jacques last September and we thought that would be fantastic to create videos about living with Anime in Japan. 


You might be wondering why I chose not to be in the videos myself. I know for sure that Jacques is the person you deserve to host the Youtube Channel. 


He is so charismatic, funny and passionate about anime & manga. As Senku will say, you will like him “Ten Billion Percent”


Re:Zero and FullMetal Alchemist


We just published our first two videos,


Re: Zero Café



Full Metal Alchemist Café



One Punch Man’s Apartment



We are planning to post one or two more videos before the end of the year. 


If you like the videos, don’t forget to subscribe and leave a comment on Youtube. 


We’re still green at creating video content, so we appreciate your comments. Any advice is highly appreciated to help us deliver better content. 


Mipon Youtube Channel


What’s coming next to the channel?


We would like to get your feedback first on our first couple of videos, and then decide if we’re on the right path and how to develop the channel. We already have some ideas of Future content we’ll be pleased to bring you :


  • Interviews
  • Add subtitles in Spanish
  • Create content in different languages, not only English



Will We Keep Updating The Website?


Of course, we will! A big redesign is coming in the next few months! I can’t say for sure when, but it will be next year. 



Death Note real life locations


Mipon Youtube Channel


About Mipon


Launched in March 2019 and now with more than 50,000 views per month, Mipon is the biggest Anime Tourism’s website. By bringing you the best content about anime tourism, our mission is to be the gateway between real life and anime. 


This is where anime connects with real life.


And again, thank for your support!! We reached 50,000 views per month!