So, let me guess: You’re in Tokyo and you’re looking for a community of anime fans?


Well, I got you covered, because I was once looking for the same when I started living in Japan too.


In this article, I’ll show you the best anime-themed meetup in Tokyo.


Let’s dive in!


What is Animers?


Animers is an anime & manga meetup for Japanese and English speakers held in Ikebukuro, Tokyo.


Every other weekend, the event brings together anime fans from Japan and around the world for some good fun and cultural exchange.


If you’re looking for an anime community or just some English & Japanese speakers in Tokyo, it’s a great place to spend a Friday night.



What can I expect from the event?


Animers generally meets up at a bar called The Public Stand Ikebukuro. It’s all you can drink all night for the reasonable price of 3,000 yen for men and 2,200 yen for women.


From 8:00 to 10:00, they have the entire third floor reserved, with anisong music playing and anime openings projected onto the wall.


It’s great way to make Japanese friends and practice your Japanese, as well as meet some English speakers. It’s a good mix of both, so no reason to be shy!



As a bonus, the event sometimes attracts people working in the anime industry. For example, some of our previous meet-up members who work at Genco (Sword Art Online), Bandai, Tatsunoko, Kadokawa, Anime News Network, etc. attended the event. Pretty great, isn’t it?


You can meet people at Animers who work in the anime industry. Who knows, maybe you’ll even meet someone who’ll help you find your own job in the industry.


Note: I met the older brother of the creator of Steins;Gate and the editor of High School DxD, to name a few.



Where and when?


Every other weekend, at the Public Stand in Ikebukuro (3 min from the West Exit of Ikebukuro station). The event is on the 3rd floor.


Address: Japan, 〒171-0021 Tokyo, Toshima City, Nishiikebukuro, 1 Chome−22−4 信和ビル2F・3F


The next meetup is on Saturday, February 15 and the next one is on Friday, February 28.


For more info, check out their page here.




This is one of the best meetups I’ve been to in Tokyo and my favorite anime event.  I’ve made a lot of good friends there, many of whom I do a lot of anime tourism and pilgrimage with.


Animers has been an active and meeting up in Tokyo for over a year. With plenty of newcomers and regulars, it’s a welcoming place for both travelers and people living in Tokyo alike.


Additionally, it’s a comfy and high energy atmosphere at a nice Tokyo bar. If you’re wondering what to do at Friday night in Ikebukuro, come out to a meetup and have a few drinks with fellow anime fans. You won’t regret it!


Also, if you want to meet me in person, let’s meet up at Animers. I always go there! :D.


For more info and to drop by a meetup, check out their page here





  • The event starts at 8:00 pm and usually ends at 10:00 pm. But almost everyone stays at the bar until 11:30 pm. Also, the all-you-can-drink bar is open until 4 am.


  • You don’t need to speak Japanese to attend to the event.


  • There’s a discount for people who don’t drink alcohol.


  • It isn’t required to register on to attend the event. You can go to the event without a reservation.


  • There are snacks at the meetup, but I’ll suggest you have dinner before the event.


  • Have fun talking about anime and manga!