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I’m super excited because today is actually the release day of the Jujutsu Kaisen movie in Japan. So, since it’s out now, we thought that today would be a great day to go around and show you guys some of the real-life locations featured in Jujutsu Kaisen around Tokyo.ย  Jujutsu Kaisen takes place all over Japan, but mostly in five key locations:


  • Tokyo
    • Kichijoji
    • Shinjuku
    • Harajuku
    • Shibuya
  • Sendai


Four of these are in Tokyo, and that’s Kichijoji, Shinjuku, Harajuku, and Shibuya. And then, also a lot of things happen in Sendai as well.


So, we’re going to let you guys know more about these locations throughout the video, as well as some of the kind of cool facts about the show, the author, and anything else that we think you guys might think is kind of cool. Until then, let’s go visit some areas and check out some locations. And, as a little something extra, I’m also going to tell you guys a real-life location of Jujutsu Kaisen 0, the manga that the Jujutsu Kaisen movie is based on.


And remember, guys, you don’t have to worry about manga spoilers or movie spoilers in this video, so you’re safe. Let’s go!


So here we are in Kichijoji where there are three locations that I want to talk about. So, the first one is actually right here. This street, I’m not sure if you can recognize it. Maybe it’ll help a little bit if you can see that sign up there with the star on it. So, this is actually from the opening, where you can see Mahito standing in the street, he’s kind of got, like, this going on, you know, it’s a little dark.


It’s pretty cool! This location you can come to visit right near at Kichijoji Station; really convenient to try to find. Our second location is the Eishuu Juvenile Detention Center. So, this can be seen in Episodes 3 and 4. This is where our kind of three main characters go to try to fight a curse that is way too strong for them. It’s very dramatic, it’s pretty cool.


So, you can check that out too. It’s a little bit further but it is still around Kichijoji. And then, we have our third location. For this one, I want to bring you guys there. So, let’s go! See if you guys know what it is. We’re clearly at some kind of theater, this is a place where we get to see one of my favorite characters Junpei, so I’m really still kind of depressed about that, actually, being here again.


We get to see Nanami, we get to see Itadori, we get to see a kind of a big-deal fight for Itadori, actually, because this is when things really get real for him, I think. Do you guys know where it is yet? It looks pretty good, it’s pretty close. Can you guess? All right, guys. I know that you guessed it right, right? Kichijoji Plaza, right now.


We first see this in Episode 8. We have kind of an iconic scene; I see this photo around a lot. Nanami and Itadori are standing right outside just looking up at the sign because they’ve shown up to see what happened here. And, of course, we know what happened is that Mahito has actually just killed three of Junpei’s classmates. So, this is kind of a big moment.


Things start to get really more serious, a lot more real, I think, at this point. And then, we get to go to a really important fight for Itadori where he’s fighting with Nanami, and he has to realize that maybe the things that he’s killing are not just curses, maybe they were actually once real people. And this is in Episode 9. And that’s a really big moment, I think, for the series. We actually get to go and check out where this fight happens, so we’re going to go upstairs. Let’s go!


So here, we are at the rooftop of the cinema, and just like it’s portrayed in the anime, if you go up the stairs, to the roof, it’s a batting center. It looks similar to how it looks in the anime with the green turf and the nets, but it’s definitely smaller in real life. But for me, the coolest part is that it’s even here in the first place. The author could have just made this an empty roof or added that it was a batting cage for aesthetic of the scene, make the fight kind of a bit cooler, the effects. But no, he stayed true to the original building and its purpose, which I think is pretty cool, and it makes it a little extra special when you do come visit and get to see that the scenes actually connect just as they’re portrayed in the anime.


So those were our three main locations in Kichijoji. Next up, Harajuku. Let’s go!


Welcome to Harajuku! Here we are at our next location. So, the first scene that I want to talk to you guys about actually happens right here, right outside the station. So, this scene you have Yuji and Megumi, and they’re sitting here, kind of like this, waiting for Gojo to come so that they can go and meet Nobara for the first time.


So, how the scene will work is that you will have Megumi and Yuji sitting right here kind of waiting, and then Gojo would come down from the station, and he meets them about here and waves so that they can go now see Nobara in Takeshita-Dori, which is right over here. So, let’s go! While we’re walking to our next location, I’m going to tell you guys some kind of fun facts about the author.


So, the first thing that I want to say is about the characters. You might have noticed that all of the female characters are actually drawn pretty modestly and there’s a reason for this. This was because the author knew that his parents would be seeing everything what he drew, and so he didn’t want to draw anything too sexy. Some more facts about the characters: his favorite character was actually Sukuna at the beginning, but then it changed to Nanami as the season went on.


Nanami was actually supposed to be an antagonist at the beginning, but then, as we know, that he ended up being one of the protagonists instead. So that’s kind of a cool little fact. Another kind of thing that he said about his characters is that Inumaki is really popular. And I know that some of you guys are probably big fans. He’s cute, everybody likes him. He doesn’t understand why because we haven’t actually delved into his character that far yet, so people have really just jumped on board, and he doesn’t know why.


So, we’re in our next location now. This is actually the first scene that we get to see Nobara. So, she shows up, she sees the street, says, I’m in Tokyo and she knows it. This is kind of the feeling that I think a lot of people get when they first come here because it’s so iconic, this area, and she feels the same way. Let’s go check out the rest of it.


So, a couple of more facts about our author for you.


In order to be scouted in the first place, he actually submitted his work to a Shueisha contest, and that’s how an editor picked him up. And then, when asked about his inspiration, about how he decided to even start drawing manga or something like this, he talks about seeing things like My Hero Academia, Evangelion, Bleach, [and] Naruto as all kinds of inspirations for the story, for art, and where he kind of gets where he is today.


You can kind of see some influences too. So, it’s pretty cool when you check it out. And if you guys want to know a little bit more about where I’m getting these kinds of facts, I’m not just making them up. These have been things that he’s said in his Japanese interviews. So, we kind of went through those, and they are sharing them with you guys here today.


So, here we are at our next location. This is the Alta Harajuku building, and this is where we have Yuji and Megumi first meet Nobara.


They would have been about right here, and then she would have been over here because she was kind of talking to that guy who was scouting models and asking why he wasn’t picking her. So, this is when they would have first seen her. She would have been over here, and they would have been about right there, and we would have looked this direction. If you want to come to find this building, it’s not too hard to find, it’s just a little way down from our last location. And then, we can go to our next one if we just keep going.


So here we are at our next location. These are the coin lockers where everybody kind of meets each other for the first time. They would all be standing right in front of these lockers here. And they kind of did their first exchanges. There’s a bit of an iconic moment when Nobara says that Yuji’s head looks like a potato. And this is where they would be standing, kind of right behind me here. So, after everybody meets each other, this is also kind of where Gojo Sensei says, “Let’s do some sightseeing. Let’s go to Roppongi.”


And then, we all know how that went. It wasn’t exactly the Roppongi trip that they were all planning. But this is that moment where they decided to go there for the first time. So, we’ve gotten to go to some pretty cool places today. We went to Kichijoji and Harajuku, but then, as I said at the beginning of the video, Jujutsu Kaisen actually takes place in a lot of different places around Japan, and Tokyo specifically. The two places that we didn’t get to go to today were Shinjuku, where we have kind of three iconic scenes that I want to talk about.


So, the first one is from the opening, actually. You can see Todo, he has his curse power right, you have the eye in the background. This is in Shinjuku; you can check this out if you want. We also have the scene with the villains, with Geto and the other villains, and they’re going across the street to the cafรฉ. So, you can see this is as well, and it looks actually really identical. This is a pretty cool photo as well. And then, finally, we have Nanami’s old office.


This one is pretty cool. You can check it out. It’s also in Shinjuku, so if you’re around, there’s a lot of cool places to go in that area. And then, we have Shibuya. One of the upcoming arcs is actually called the “Shibuya Incident”, so we’re not going to show you guys any of those locations today because this video doesn’t contain any manga spoilers. But if you guys do want to see some locations from that, then let us know in the comments, and we can make a separate video for all the “Shibuya Incident” fans out there.


Outside of Tokyo, there’s actually one other location that is really important for Jujutsu Kaisen, and that’s Sendai. Sendai is a city that’s a couple of hours north of Tokyo, and we have three main locations that take place there. The first one is Sugisawa Municipal High School. So, the high school that Itadori actually went to before transferring to Tokyo Jujutsu High is a real high school.


It may not look exactly the same, because in the anime it doesn’t really show the whole outside of the school, exactly what it looks like, but this school does exist. So that’s kind of cool, the school that he used to go to is a real high school. We also have another location that is actually a little bit confusing. This is Yasohachi Bridge. The bridge where they have the curse underneath, if you go underneath, then people become cursed and ended up dying later, this bridge is a real bridge.


In the anime, it takes place in Saitama, which is actually really close to Tokyo. But the bridge in real life, you can go and see that in Sendai. So, a different location but the same bridge, so it’s still kind of cool if you want to check that out. Our third location from Sendai is Hapina Nakakecho. This is actually a shopping street. And, as you guys know, the movie is based on Jujutsu Kaisen 0, a manga that already exists.


And in this manga, there is a panel of some characters that are interacting in this shopping street. So, this is a real street in Sendai, and you can actually go and check that out. We may or may not see it in the movie, we don’t know, but this is something that you can check from the manga, and it looks pretty similar, so it’s pretty cool.


Thank you, guys, for coming around Tokyo with me today. I hope that you liked going and seeing all these Jujutsu locations. If you guys do want to see more locations, as always, please, let us know in the comments as well as any other thoughts on this video.


We love to hear from you guys, and it really means a lot. We go through all the comments, and we really appreciate your support. So don’t forget to like and subscribe, hit the bell if you want to hear more from us, and we’ll see you in the next video. So, I’m going to leave you guys off with just one more kind of interesting fact about the story that you can, kind of, maybe research some more if you’re a little interested in it. So, Sukuna is not just the bad guy from Jujutsu Kaisen. His name actually comes up in some old Japanese history books as well.


Sometimes, he’s described as a demon who did terrible things, but in other areas, it’s a little bit different. He’s said to be from Gifu, actually, and in Gifu, he’s revered as a local hero. It’s said that maybe he went against the emperor, and that might explain why he may be described as good or bad depending on who is the one telling the story. But this is just kind of an extra, little fun thing to look into if you are interested in maybe where some of the inspiration from some of the characters.


If you do want to check it out, Gifu actually has a temple that has a bunch of statues of Sukuna. And we can show some pictures of these! And if you want to go see that, that’s kind of cool. It’s like an extra behind-the-scenes to see the inspiration of some of where our favorite characters come from.