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Sun, Dec 01

10:30 am


10:00 pm




You need a reservation (more details in the description)


Akihabara, Tokyo

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Closest Station

  • 1 minutes far from Akihabara Station (Electric Town Exit exit)


Persona 5 The Royal is returning to the scene of the crime on October 31 in Japan, and Sega Café in Akihabara is running a special popup café for the occasion, with a menu themed after the game, exclusive goods and more.



Let’s take a look at the menu:


Drink menu

LeBlanc Curry


And their exclusive goods:

Sega Collaboration Cafe Persona 5 The Royal Visual Card (24 types in total)

Sega Collaboration Cafe Persona 5 The Royal Mini Acrylic Keychain with Stand -Dot Picture Ver.- (10 types in total)


Sega Café is very finicky about reservations and do a lottery system to reserve tables. It’s highly encouraged you sign up this way, but they’ll seat on availability if the café isn’t full. With a whole lottery system though, I wouldn’t risk it.


Here’s the schedule for the lottery system:



For more info and the full menu and list of goods, check out their official site.