Thu, Sep 05


Sun, Sep 29

10:00 am


7:40 pm




Advance reservation optional


Harajuku, Tokyo

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Closest Station

  • 5 minutes far from Meiji-jingumae "Harajuku" station (1 exit)


If you’ve ever wondered, “is Hello Kitty an important enough figure in human history to be summoned into a holy grail war” the answer is maybe, because Fate Grand Order is running a limited collaboration café with Sanrio!



This is actually the third time this collaboration is running! The theme of the café this time is an autumn tea room.



Advance reservations are highly encouraged by the café, and those who do even get a gift. (Though advance reservations have a charge of 650 yen for each person) Reservations are taken online and up to 3 days before your visit, with one reservation seating up to 4 people.


You’ll have to make a hubsynch account to reserve a table. Google translate will be your friend here. When it asks for a Japanese address, your hotel’s address should do, and your name should be entered in Katakana the both times it asks.



It also has its share of exclusive goods! (Only available to customers of the café) A full list can be found here.


Check out the rest of the official site for more info.