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About Us


Mipon is the world’s leading source of Anime Tourism. We cover topics like Anime Pilgrimage, Anime Spots, Anime Stores, etc. 


Our users are mainly interested in Japanese anime, manga, games, and other areas of Japanese pop and otaku culture.


If you’re struggling to promote your video game, SaaS, anime, or any other product/service that’s targeting the audience previously mentioned, we’re sure that we can help you. 


Why advertise with us?


  • Mipon is the world’s leading source of Anime Tourism.


  • Per month: 
    • ~125,000 pageviews
    • ~100,000 sessions
    • ~92,000 users.


  • Growing site. Our traffic is increasing by more than 20% per month. We started 2 years ago with less than 2,000 pageviews/month and now we’ve more than 125,000 pageviews/month.


  • Strong SEO, more than 80% of our traffic comes from search engines.


  • Flexible types of advertising. Our main concern is that you get the most benefit possible from working with us, so we’re always open to offer you custom advertising. 


What kinds of advertising does Mipon offer?


  • Banner Ads


  • Sponsored posts. You can write them, or we can do it for you. A follow link is included and the article appears on the home page.


Do you have an idea for something not available here?


Feel free to reach out at, we’d love to hear about it!




  • Mipon requires that any ads placed on (the website) not be considered vulgar by the average North American & Japanese reader. Mipon reserves the final say in this subjective matter, as well as the right to refuse any advertisement on these grounds, either when the advertisement is uploaded, or retroactively.
  • No refund policy 
  • Groups selling bootleg/pirated content or hosting unlicensed content need not apply. Not only will we not allow you to advertise with us, but we might report you to the appropriate authorities, licensors and/or licensees.
  • We only place advertisements for things that we can personally vouch for the quality of. Things that we have either used, would use or would recommend to our users.


Mipon reserves the right to change this policy at any time. Advertisers with ongoing campaigns will have 30 days from the date they are informed of any change to state their disagreement with the new policy. In the case of disagreement, should a mutual consensus not be reached between Mipon and the advertiser, Mipon will cancel the advertising campaign and issue a prorated refund no later than 30 days after the last date the campaign is active. Should Mipon fail to inform an advertiser of a change to this policy, the policy as it was written at the time the insertion order for a campaign was received will remain in effect for that campaign.


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