Do you love anime? Dragon Ball? One Piece?


Or maybe have an anime loving boyfriend, wife, kid, or anyone else who needs a gift and won’t stop talking about that one show where the soldiers are attacking giant naked titans?! …


What was it called again? 


Either way, you’ve come to the right place!


Whether it’s a birthday gift for yourself, a holiday gift or…friend day (?), these anime gifts won’t kamehameha your bank account!



1. Banpresto’s Dragon Ball Super Goku Zenkai Solid Vol. 2 Statue.

Goku Figure


Well, I guess you’ll get kamehameha’d this time–I mean look at that pose! Dynamic. Energetic. Super, even! This is Banpresto’s Dragon Ball Super Goku Zenkai Solid Vol. 2 Statue.


A mouthful, but affordable and looks cool. Standing roughly 7 inches tall and made of PVC, this is perfect for newer Dragon Ball (Super) fans and fans of Goku.



2. Nezuko Kamado Demon Slayer Potetto Chibi Figure


Nezuko Chibi Figure Gift


I think we can all agree that Nezuko Kamado is pretty awesome, right?


Well, Chibi Nezuko is just as awesome but also sooo kawaii. This Chibi-sized “Potetto” figure of Nezuko features her sitting while just staring adorably at you. What more could you want? But hurry, these figures are in limited quantities!



3Jujutsu Kaizen, Satoru Gojo tamagotchi nano digital pet


Jujutsu Kaisen Gojo Tamagotchi



Didn’t I say there would be more kawaii stuff?


Coming in next is a crossover you might have never seen coming. Jujutsu Kaisen’s own Satoru Gojo inside a Tamagotchi (geez, what a throwback). If you ever wanted to have the calm, cool, collected and dangerous Gojo as a virtual pet inside an egg, well here you go! 



4One Piece Roronoa Zoro Creator x Creator Statue


One Piece Roronoa Zoro Figure



The man of many (and more) swords: One Piece’s Roronoa Zoro. Another Banpresto piece, Luffy’s ship-mate stands tall (7 ½ inches to be exact), and is made of PVC. This pirate hunter will be the treasure of anyone’s One Piece collection!



5. Spy x Family Blind Box


Spy x Family


Get ready for even more kawaii stuff! It’s Chibi Spy x Family. It’s keychains. What more is there to say? Other than it’s a blind box, so good luck Anya stans. But if you don’t want to risk it, you can also purchase the whole keychain set on the same website (Right Stuf Anime)!



6One Piece Bepo 3 1/2 inch plush



One Piece Bepo Plushie



Keep the kawaii ball rollin!  Yes, Bepo looks clearly peeved, so peeved and soft and round that it’s actually really cute! This kawaii and cuddly polar bear is only 3 ½ inches, so this navigator should navigate his way straight to your plush pile. He’s so cute when he’s mad!



7. Attack on Titan Levi Nendoroid Figure



Levi Attack on Titan Nendoroid



Attack on Titan and Nendoroids are both all the rage now, so you can’t go wrong with the ultimate combo: a Levi Nendoroid.

You can get mankind’s greatest pose-able soldier with 3 expressions: standard, combat and condescending. He comes with his Survey Corps cape, VM equipment, dual blades, and grip parts specially suited to his fighting style!



8. Bake Anime: 75 Sweet Recipes Spotted In―and Inspired by―Your Favorite Anime (A Cookbook


Bake Anime



This one was written by a friend of ours (check out this video to see us try anime snacks!) and therefore we guarantee it is full of great new recipes to re-create famous treats from your favourite anime.


Bake Anime can show you how to make Nerikiri from Cardcaptor Sakura, Ohagi from Demon Slayer, Pocket Monster Swiss Rolls from Pokémon, and many more!


This is a perfect gift for any chef in the making or anyone just looking to have a little extra fun in the kitchen. Emily’s book will show you the way!



9. My Hero Academia UA Mini Backpack


My Hero Academia UA Backpack



For all my fellow cosplay fans out there, you can actually buy the UA backpack from My Hero Academia. This is really fun because you can wear it as a cosplay, keep it as a great piece of MHA merch, or just use it every day and see if any other MHA fan’s notice! For a My Hero Academia fan, you really can’t go wrong with this awesome gift.



10. Dragon Ball: A Visual History Artbook(Hardcover)


Dragon Ball A Visual History


For book lovers and Dragon Ball fans out there, I have the perfect gift for you! Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball: A Visual History is a tour de force; a comprehensive look at one of the most influential manga and anime series. It features spectacular artwork, rare sketches and exclusive commentary from Toriyama himself. This 240-page art book (also by VizBooks) is a must-have!



11. Burn the Witch Limited Series (BluRay)


Burn the Witch Blue Ray



A story about two witches in London, Burn the Witch Limited Series on BluRay DVD is based on Tite Kubo’s one-shot manga, Burn the Witch. Off the heels of Bleach’s return, this is another series to watch for viewers looking for more content set in Bleach’s universe. Burn the Witch is also an easy entry for people looking to get into Kubo’s stories and world, if all the back catalogue of Bleach episodes is too daunting.


12. Anime Tarot Cards


Anime Tarot Cards


If you are into tarot, magic and anime, and looking for something that combines all three, then look no further! The “Anime Tarot: Explore the Archetypes, Symbolism, and Magic in Anime” contains 78 tarot cards and a book written by Natasha Yglesias.


Perfect for those who want to gaze at gorgeous anime art while exploring their inner spiritual world.



13. Dragon Ball Super Hero Piccolo Super Hero Ichiban Statue


Piccolo Dragon Ball



One of the best dads in shonen anime/manga (period) also has a very cool design from Bandai Spirits Ichibansho.


Standing 7.5 inches tall and as seen from the anime Dragon Ball Super Hero, Piccolo is a classic figure every Dragon Ball fan must have!



14. Yuta Okkotsu Jujutsu Kaisen 0 The Movie Noodle Stopper Figure


Jujutsu Kaisen Yuta Okkotsu



The gentle and sweet Yuta would look good on any Jujutsu Kaisen 0: The Movie fans bookshelf, computer desk or cup o’ noodles. This 3.9-inch figure by Furyu will relax you with his calming presence (or unsettle you with all that curse energy, but hey).



15. Attack on Titan Final Season Eren Gold Series Enamel Pin


Attack on Titan Eren Pin


For the pin fiends–I mean, collectors, there is a pretty gorgeous and shiny 2-inch enamel pin of Eren Jaeger (and other AoT characters) that’s up for grabs!


Made with glitter ink and epoxy finish, have Eren’s path to vengeful destruction lead him right to your tote bag. It’s also a first-edition pin, so get it while you can!



16. My Hero Academia World Heroes’ Mission Vinyl Soundtrack

My Hero Academia Vinyl Gift Set


My Hero Academia has so many good characters, a figure or plushie of any will thrill the hero in your heart’s life guarantee, but with so many characters how are you supposed to know which one to buy?!


With gorgeous cover art, sleeve and insert, you can’t go wrong with this vinyl soundtrack. Even if they don’t have a record player, I’d decorate my wall with this I mean why not, just look at it!



17. Sword Art Online Kirito and Asuna Metal Keychain


SAO Kirito and Asuna Keychain


They’re just so cute together you can’t not want this adorable keychain!


And as one of our most affordable gifts on this list, it’s the perfect little something, stocking stuffer, secret santa gift or just any time gift for any Sword Art Online fan we guarantee it. 



18. One Piece Monkey D. Luffy Imagination Works Action Figure


Monkey D. Luffy One Piece figure


Okay, this may be the most expensive anime gift on the list but it’s worth it!


Look at this epic, 6.7-inch tall figure of future pirate king, Monkey D. Luffy of One Piece, by Tamashii Nations.


It’s got a LOT: 4 optional expression parts, optional hands, the straw hat, the straw hat without string strap (and more straw hats), optional pair of Busoshoku arms, the cool, flowing cape and much more! 



19. Sailor Moon Princess Gift Set


Sailor Moon Gift Set



Sometimes, one gift just isn’t enough! A gift set covers all the bases, and it’s Sailor Moon – the NOSTALGIA. Perfect set for any Sailor Moon fan!



20. Naruto Uzamaki Lookup Series- Rerun


Naruto Look Up Figure



And now we will end the list (for now) with another kawaii gift! Naruto’s 20th Anniversary is upon us and this insanely adorable figure is a part of the 4-5 inch Lookup Figure series, where sitting and chibi-formed anime characters…well, look up with cute expressions.


This is great for sentimental fans looking to celebrate Naruto’s milestone with something kawaii or just lovers of kawaii gifts in general. (They also have other Naruto characters as well!)


And there it is, folks: the perfect (and expanding!) anime gift list that belongs on any anime fan’s shopping/wishlist. Or, even better, straight to checkout!


Come check back again for more ideas soon!